Semiconductor shortage continues! Recommend several game books that are still easy to buy

This year, the world is in the state of lack of core and components. At the same time, with the large-scale rise of the demand for telecommuting and education, the demand for PC products is still high. Especially for the users with high performance requirements of graphics card, the price of desktop graphics card is quite outrageous now, and game book is almost their only choice. However, the current shortage problem is not limited to CPU, graphics card and other cutting-edge chips, and even the network card and sound card are in shortage. As soon as Lenovo rescuer and other excellent game products are launched, they are quickly snapped up, and it is hard to escape the fate of becoming a “virtual machine”.

Not only that, recently, Acer, ASUS and other head notebook manufacturers have released the news that they may raise prices in the second quarter to ensure supply, so it’s hard to be surprised to continue to wait and see 618. The following is to recommend a few relatively easy to buy cost-effective game, for you more urgent need to buy a friend’s reference.

Lenovo’s savior r7000 2020: an entry-level Game Book


Savior r7000 2020 has always been an excellent entry-level game. It not only has a balanced configuration without short board and strong heat dissipation ability, but also does a good job in details such as independent display direct connection, performance mode switching and full-size direction keys.

R7000 2020 can be selected with AMD sharp dragon r5-4600h / r7-4800h processor and gtx1650 / 1650ti graphics card, with double baking performance up to 50 + 50W. It is equipped with 100% sRGB DC dimming IPS screen, 16GB 3200mhz memory and 512gb nvme SSD as standard. It also supports m.2 and 2.5-inch hard disk expansion.

At present, the price of R5 and R7 with gtx1650 in Jingdong is 5699 yuan and 5899 yuan respectively. The price difference is not big. It is more recommended to buy the R7 version. The subsidy price of R7 version can be as low as 5299 yuan when it is worth 10 billion yuan. The cost performance of gtx1650ti graphics card is relatively low, so it is not recommended when the gtx1650 version is available.

ASUS Tianxuan: the strongest graphics card in the first tier brand within 6000


Tianxuan generation has been launched for a long time. Single channel 8GB memory used to be a pity of the machine. Recently, this new configuration, r5-4600h + gtx1660ti + 16GB + 512gb, is an ideal combination within 6000 yuan. The performance of the graphics card is nearly 50% better than gtx1650 / 1650ti, and the video memory is also increased to 6G, which is more suitable for playing large-scale games. The only two slots left now are the low gamut electronic competition screen and the lack of direct connection. If you mind, you can only change the screen or connect the external display.

At present, the self operated price of the machine in Jingdong is 5999 yuan, and the subsidy of pinduoduo 10 billion yuan can be as low as 5499 yuan. In addition, the rtx2060 + 8g memory configuration makes it the cheapest first-line brand light chasing game at present, which is also worth considering.

Dell Youxia G15: a strong return of Youxia series


This generation of G15 heat dissipation and performance release are upgraded to the mainstream level, and the price is more affordable. The high configuration version is equipped with 8-core i7-10870h processor, rtx3060 graphics card, double baking performance up to 45W + 80W, with 16GB + 512gb storage combination, high color gamut 165hz screen, and its usb-c interface supports lightning 3.

At present, the price of Youxia G15 in Jingdong is 7499 yuan. Although the 80W rtx3060 is not much better than the full blood version of rtx2060, the price is not much more expensive when other configurations are the same. With Dell’s first-line after-sales service, it is still worth starting.

ASUS Tianxuan 2: Ruilong zen3 + RTX 3070


Tianxuan 2 is equipped with r7-5800h processor based on zen3 architecture, which has very strong performance in both game and multi-core rendering. Rtx3070 graphics card is also able to play light chasing. Compared with the first generation, the screen is also upgraded to a 240Hz high gamut video game screen, and the price is only 9999 yuan. It is a high cost-effective game book among the first-line brands.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that due to the limitation of power consumption, the performance of the notebook rtx3080 is not much better than that of the rtx3070. In addition, the current shortage leads to high prices, so it is more appropriate to consider rtx3070 when buying high-end games.

HP shadow wizard 6 Pro: eight Core i7 + rtx3070


For users who prefer Intel processor or need lightning interface, shadow wizard 6 Pro is also worth considering. Its highest configuration version is equipped with an eight core i7-10870h processor and rtx3070 graphics card. It is equipped with a 144hz high gamut electronic competition screen and supports the single display direct connection mode, which can achieve better game performance. Its price is also 9999 yuan. If you can’t get it in Jingdong, pinduoduo 10 billion subsidy has the same configuration and price, which can be used as an alternative purchase channel.

Author: Chen Muliang



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