Hwinfo will support Intel’s 13th generation core Raptor Lake

According to Intel’s previously announced roadmap, in the second half of this year, Intel will launch the 12th generation core processor code named alderlake, which is based on the 10nm enhanced superfin process technology, golden Cove + gracemont hybrid architecture, and supports ddr5 memory and pcie5.0 protocol for the first time, which is the largest upgrade of Intel’s consumer processor in recent years.

The 12th generation core alderlake will support the 600 series chipset with lga1700 interface. It is understood that lga1700 interface will have a long service life and will be compatible with the 2nd or 3rd generation products. Recently, the well-known hardware information monitoring software hwinfo v7.034450 update log indicates that the software has completed the initial support for Raptor Lake spch.

According to the road map of the previous period of outflow, Intel’s first 7Nm consumer core processor meteorlake will be launched in 2023. Before that, Intel will use the product code named raptorlake as the 13th generation of core for transition.

According to the previously leaked information from videocardz website, we can have a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of raptorlake. Raptorlake will still adopt the hybrid design of large and small cores, but it will make further optimization on the basis of alderlake, such as more small cores, larger buffer capacity to improve the game performance, better power management and scheduling Mobile version of lpddr5x memory support.

It is expected that raptorlake will be launched in the second half of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, and will compete with amdzen4 micro architecture products (desktop Code: Raphael, mobile code: Phoenix).

  Author: Diamond Bay & nbsp;


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