Limit mining capacity? RTX 3080 ti will be released by the end of May

Previously, foreign media videocardz repeatedly revealed the existence of rtx3080ti, but due to various complex reasons, NVIDIA has never officially released this video card. According to the latest industry news, rtx3080ti will be released and released at 21:00 p.m. Beijing time on May 25 (Tuesday) and officially put on sale at 21:00 p.m. on May 26 (Wednesday).

It is understood that the positioning of rtx3080ti is between rtx3090 and rtx3080. It adopts ga102-225 core (not ga102-250, which was the first reported), with 10240 CUDA, 12gb gddr6x video memory (20GB was the first reported) and 384 bit video memory bit width.

In terms of performance, because rtx3080ti is similar to rtx3090, it has the opportunity to compete with AMD’s rx6800xt or even rtx6900xt.

Of course, considering the current popularity of virtual currency, especially eth, all graphics cards are in a state of shortage and rising prices, so the supply of rtx3080ti has attracted your attention. Previously, it was said that NVIDIA would limit the mining power of rtx3080ti from the core hardware, driver software, BIOS and other aspects, so that real game players have more opportunities to buy.

However, videocardz has now revealed a new screenshot of eth mining using open source miner software. The calculation force of rtx3080ti reaches 118.9mh/s, which is obviously complete and not limited by half.

Maybe only waiting for the official release of rtx3080ti can gamers understand its real situation

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