The whole package round home decoration reminds that there is a small owner in the home, so we must be careful when decorating

Home owners, children’s room must be planned in advance. Because for children, it is a very beautiful thing to have a free space of their own, and the children’s room is not only a place for children to sleep, but also a private space for living room and games. Therefore, families with children must reasonably decorate children’s rooms, so that children can develop the ability to live independently and have a wonderful childhood. Today, Baoyuan home decoration takes you to enjoy a group of children’s room model rooms, hoping to bring you some decoration inspiration.


Case 1: camouflage slide room

For boys, cool rooms are their food. This camouflage slide room, with camouflage cloth as the main theme, has a military style, reflecting a unique sense of cool. In order to make the overall space more harmonious, the walls are made of lovely yellow and blue animation walls, which perfectly turn the children’s room into a multi-functional space of study + game + rest place.


Case 2: white cabin

Today’s children have many fantastic ideas. In order to protect their children’s creativity, parents will decorate the children’s room more interesting and creative. This children’s bed adopts the design of a wooden house. The white wooden house bed is natural, simple and exquisite, so that children can experience the fun of climbing at home. This interesting design not only makes children have more sense of belonging to the children’s room, but also reduces the psychological resistance and exclusion when children sleep in separate rooms with their parents.


Case 3: pink bed

General children’s room space is relatively limited, so choose up and down children’s bed, not only save space, but also very beautiful. This bed design is very interesting. Children can play hide and seek on the lower floor. After the curtain is removed, two children can share a room. It is very practical for small family.


Do you like the decoration of these children’s rooms? Decoration style is full of childlike innocence, but also very practical. This is a special reminder for parents to pay attention to the following points when decorating children’s rooms:

1. In the decoration materials, try to choose natural environmental protection materials, the ground materials to choose anti-skid, easy to clean, wear-resistant material.

2. Furniture in the choice of time to choose with rounded, strong, simple environmental protection material, can prevent children from injury, and the table and chair as far as possible to choose adjustable height of the table and chair, so that in the process of children’s growth can adjust the height at any time.

3. Children’s curiosity is very strong, they like climbing, drilling, so parents should pay attention to protection, there are windows, beds and other places can be installed on the fence.

4. The light of children’s room is very important, too strong or too weak light will directly affect children’s vision, so the light of children’s room must be natural and uniform. Add protective cover when installing bulb or socket to prevent children from contacting electricity.


The above points are all considered by the designer. Not only that, a model room with distinctive and practical style, such as full package, only needs 999 yuan per square meter, including foundation construction, main materials, furniture, lamps, curtains and other products. The owner can directly “carry the bag to move in” to save worry, effort, money and trouble. In addition, the full round home decoration uses high-quality materials such as Swiss lucerne floor, Huida bathroom, Marco Polo ceramic tile, Tata wooden door, TBEA, Yuhong Waterproof and so on to ensure the quality, technology, environmental protection and safety in place and protect the health and safety of family members.



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