Redmi K40 game screen official announcement: direct screen at all costs

Redmi today began to preheat K40 game version of the screen, said that the machine is specially equipped with the ultimate game direct screen for game users.

Officials said they would choose a more expensive screen solution at any cost, which is made of OLED flexible screen with ultra small chin and three narrow sides.

According to the official poster, the frame of the machine is almost the same width, and the chin accounts for an excellent proportion, but the forehead does not appear, which was previously known as the design of the digging screen.

At the same time, this screen supports high brush, high touch and high image quality. It is reported that it supports 144hz high brush, and the touch sampling rate has been greatly improved.

In addition, the machine is equipped with X-axis linear motor, which supports 4D vibration sense certification of peace elite and 90hz mode of King’s glory.

Redmi K40游戏版屏幕官宣:不惜代价的直屏


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