Qinglianyun and China Academy of information technology have reached a strategic cooperation to build a smart city IOT security excellence demonstration center

On April 24, the 2021 Xihu Forum on cyber security, with the theme of “security: the foundation of digital reform”, was held in Hangzhou. The conference focused on the latest development trend in the field of cyber security, gathered cutting-edge report results, and focused on the latest technologies and industry applications in the cyber security industry. At the sub forum of operator security, Dong Yan, director of Zhejiang Communications Administration Bureau, and Wei Liang, vice president of the China Academy of information and communication, delivered a speech. At the meeting, the award ceremony of the second batch of excellent network security partners was held. The smart city IOT security operation center solution provided by qinglianyun, with its unique technical characteristics, closed-loop product portfolio and years of industry influence, was selected as the second batch of excellent network security partners of China Academy of information technology. In the future, qinglianyun will join hands with China Academy of information technology to carry out in-depth cooperation in the direction of CO building verification demonstration environment, CO building industry simulation scenarios, CO building security solutions, CO building security testing team, and co researching security technical specifications.

At the ceremony, Dong Yan, director of Zhejiang Provincial Communication Administration Bureau, and Wei Liang, vice president of China information and Communication Research Institute, presented letters of appointment to the second batch of outstanding partners.



The network security excellence verification Demonstration Center (hereinafter referred to as the “center of excellence”) is under the guidance of the network security administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the preparation and construction of China Institute of information technology. With the idea of “scene oriented, service enabling and security demonstration”, it gathers the capability advantages of all parties in the industry to build a national network security capability verification, evaluation, demonstration and certification platform. It will provide a strong development security guarantee for the strategic process of national new infrastructure construction.

Founded in 2016, qinglianyun has been engaged in IOT security research in smart cities. It has rich experience in attack and defense of intelligent terminals, and provides customers with IOT security capabilities covering cloud platform security, terminal security, communication security, trusted environment, security testing, Threat Intelligence and situational awareness in smart cities. Let security become the infrastructure of Internet of things in smart city, and continue to help the digital development of smart city security construction.

Recently, qinglianyun launched the “Qinglian plan”, which integrates qinglianyun’s high-quality products in the security field of the Internet of things in the smart city, and cooperates with IOT equipment manufacturing enterprises in the smart city field to build a smart city comprehensive solution integrating unified access of equipment, end-to-end security protection, network access security detection of equipment, and scene standardization deployment, so as to jointly promote the rapid implementation of smart city projects, Orderly, compliant and safe construction and operation.

This selection has highly recognized the strength and products of Qinglian cloud. In the future, Qinglian cloud will carry out in-depth cooperation with China Academy of information technology and its partners to contribute to the security construction of Digital China.



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