5g as an infrastructure, building new standards will increase the cost of connectivity

With the advent of the era of digital economy, more and more countries or regions are making efforts to build new digital infrastructure, and 5g has undoubtedly become the top priority. In China, 5g, together with big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other seven fields, has been selected as the “new infrastructure”, which is highly expected by the industry.

Recently, at the Boao Forum for Asia – the future of 5g, Ericsson president and CEO Bao Yikang (B ö As an infrastructure, 5g has a huge impact on innovation, according to RJE ekholm. If we build another standard, it will not be the best for the global users, because it will increase the cost of connection.

In the global scope, the mobile communication industry is a very unique industry. Bao Yikang pointed out that in the past decade, a unified global standard has been achieved. Under the guidance of this unified standard, more than 8 billion devices around the world are connected together. No matter which country in the world or where on earth, you can use one device to connect with people in other parts of the world.

“That is to say, we have created a global ecosystem together, and we have achieved this together, including Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei.” Bao Yikang said frankly, “it’s true that we also have fierce competition with ZTE and Huawei, but we also carry out cooperation. We work together to build a global ecosystem, and it’s in everyone’s common interest to maintain such a unified global standard.”

It can be seen that global unified standards, global ecosystem and open cooperation are the major prerequisites for the sustainable development of mobile communication industry in the past, present and future. Although the new digital infrastructure represented by 5g has become the focus of competition among countries, it does not mean that the industry will be divided. Only by continuing to adhere to opening up and cooperation, can it succeed in the future.

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