Redmi K40 game version: will be equipped with 67W flash charging + 5065mah battery

Today, the official micro blog of @ redmi Hongmi Mobile announced more information about K40 game version. It will be equipped with 67W cable flash charging of the same model of Xiaomi 11 Pro / ultra, 5065mah battery, and the lightest body in game phones.

Redmi K40游戏版:将配备67W闪充+5065mAh电池

In terms of appearance, the back cover of K40 game version will adopt a special-shaped flash design similar to “lightning”, which has a high degree of recognition. In addition, the body of K40 game version is confirmed to adopt metal middle frame and front and rear Kangning GG5 glass. This is also the first mobile phone with metal middle frame of redmi this year. In terms of texture, it is expected to be a higher level than K40 Standard Version. At the same time, there are magnetic suction lifting shoulder keys on the side to assist game players.

Redmi K40游戏版:将配备67W闪充+5065mAh电池

In addition, the K40 game version rear lens module is also equipped with “pulse” atmosphere lamp design on both sides, which can prompt calls, notifications, charging, etc. through different colors.

Redmi K40游戏版:将配备67W闪充+5065mAh电池

  Author: Chen Muliang



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