“New food generation” industry summit held in Beijing

On April 22, the “new food generation” industry summit hosted by Lianjie innovation was successfully held in Beijing. Leading innovators, start-ups and investors from the food and beverage industry attended the meeting to share and discuss the new consumption development trend and company growth path, and deeply analyze the development direction of the food and beverage industry.


Zhang Guangming, founder of fit8, a health food brand, was invited to attend the meeting to give a keynote speech on “what young people will eat in the future”. Combining market insight and fit8’s development path, he shared the idea of breaking the food category under the new consumption trend.

Cut into the protein gap and tell a new story about young people’s health

The deepest night, the most expensive mask, the best Chinese wolfberry, and the hottest ginger shampoo. Nowadays, anxiety and high pressure are the elements that can not be separated from young people’s lives. But in the face of pressure, they also crave high quality life style and find ways to control health barometer in stress.

In 2016, Zhang Guangming also resonated with young people’s health anxiety with a new attitude and mood. It is understood that due to a heart operation, he replaced the heart valve of a cow, thus changing his life trajectory and turning to the field of health. After continuous learning and research, he anchored protein and established fit8 protein company.

Data show that China’s per capita daily protein intake is about 58.5g, far lower than that of Japan, the United States and other developed countries. In the outline of China’s food and Nutrition Development issued by the general office of the State Council, it is suggested that the daily protein intake should reach 78 grams, of which there is a protein gap of 30%.

According to Zhang Guangming, protein is an important part of the metabolism of the human body. About 3% of the protein needs to be updated every day, and insufficient protein intake will affect the basic operation of the human body. Therefore, protein supplement has become the key to health. How to introduce high-quality protein into young people’s diet structure needs deep exploration of food industry.

Fit young people’s good taste, fit8 reconstruct healthy diet plan

In fact, in the “battle for food” focusing on taste, high sugar, high oil and high calorie food has a natural competitive advantage. Consumers can experience the pleasure brought by high blood sugar. How can healthy food win the game? At the meeting, Zhang Guangming gave a new idea. Under the natural advantages of health and nutrition, the comprehensive advantages of convenience and flavor are stimulated to impress consumers, forming the key points of breaking the circle.

For a long time, simplicity and convenience is one of the reasons for busy young people. In this regard, fit8 starts from the product form to solve the tedious problem of carrying and eating healthy food. It is understood that fit8 initially chose the protein stick as the carrier, and embedded the life scenes of young people in the form of small products. In addition, fit8 probiotic protein powder has changed the big barrel and muscular packaging on the market, and designed and disassembled the cumbersome nutrition supply path through “small red bottle”, providing convenient and healthy high-quality protein solutions for young people.


In terms of flavor, fit8 also captures the stomach of Chinese people. We not only select protein raw materials from the source, but also cooperate with the world’s top raw material suppliers to carry out R & D innovation at the raw material end of the supply chain, customize small molecule black technology protein, and distinguish it from the “wax chewing feeling” of traditional protein bars. The domestic fit8 protein innovation laboratory focuses on product planning and formula design, combining black technology protein raw materials with the lifestyle of Chinese young people, so as to realize the landing of products that meet the taste of Chinese people.

It is understood that fit8 protein bar has developed more than 10 flavors in one year, including chocolate flavor, bean milk flavor and other classic flavors, as well as Sichuan hot pot, jasmine tea and other flavor innovations with Chinese characteristics, becoming a new favorite of young people.

Zhang Guangming said that we are not optimizing the protein bar, but creating new categories, turning the protein bar into a combination of natural and healthy ingredients as much as possible, and using scientific and technological innovation to endow it with higher nutritional value and more fashionable and flu like product form. This is what fit8 has been insisting on – let the young people in the future eat more healthily.

Create a protein “pop” and integrate into the lifestyle of generation Z

In Zhang Guangming’s view, the education mode of the health food market needs to keep pace with the living conditions of young people in the new era. Traditional preaching is easy for young users of generation Z to instinctively refuse, virtually setting a threshold for breaking the brand circle.

Fit8, on the other hand, creates an emotional connection with young people with trendy product features and expressions. For a long time, fit8 has embedded the trend attribute into its own inside information, cooperated with China new rap and trend partner to customize beef and Sichuan spicy hot pot flavor products, and strengthened the brand’s identity recognition in consumer groups with the help of top IP. In the joint name with super orangutan, fit8 successfully integrated the healthy diet map and lifestyle.


Under the barriers of products and breakthrough path, fit8 subverts the traditional health food, constantly gets rid of the industry label of narrow user group, and interprets the new potential energy of health food brand with many outstanding achievements. In March last year, fit8 became the first catering crowdfunding product of Xiaomi Youpin, and achieved a sales performance of more than 10 million yuan during the 14 day crowdfunding period; In April, it landed in Luo Yonghao’s live broadcasting room, creating the first sales performance of 45000 boxes; During 618, fit8’s Omni channel sales also exceeded 10 million; On the eve of double 11, it will become one of the top ten new brands of tmall food in 2020.

At the end of the theme sharing, Zhang Guangming said that at present, young people are absolutely dominant in their own way of life, and fit8 does not intend to change their life circle. Instead, it will provide more open and healthy diet choices to fill the gap in the modern food industry by enabling products with science and technology and infecting minds with trends. For the proposition of “what young people will eat in the future”, fit8 will continue to explore more possibilities.



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