The tide of electricity is overwhelming, Jingdong appliance “Super 5” for your life “call”!

In the twinkling of an eye, April has come to an end, and 2021 is about to pass by a third. In the past, is your life ordinary or full of rituals? Do you want to refresh your life quickly in the days to come? Don’t worry, let Jingdong appliance “Super 5” help you.

“Super 5” is a super promotion day launched by Jingdong household appliances. In each issue of “Super 5”, Jingdong will join hands with major brands to launch multi category, high cost-effective and popular household appliances. During the “Super 5” campaign, Haier, Siemens, Xiaomi, Casati and other brands all launched popular products with different discounts. In addition, during the event, you can enjoy a discount of 30% off 300 and 50% off 1000, and some brands can even give you valuable gifts!


To make a new life, we should start from renewing ourselves. The image has always been the focus of the girls. The delicate “pig girls” generally start from the “head”. When it comes to hair care and exquisite styling, high-end brand Dyson has something to say. In this “Super 5” activity, Dyson launched a new purple nickel color Zhenxuan suit, which contains a hair dryer and two kinds of combs: wide tooth comb and round comb. One function is multi-purpose, which is suitable for all families. Strong wind, can achieve 5 minutes of rapid drying without injury to hair; Intelligent temperature control technology, more than 40 times per second accurate monitoring, to ensure that the wind temperature will not exceed 150 ℃ °, Make your hair smoother and brighter. In addition, in order to help delicate girls better care for the effect of ironing and dyeing, the product is specially equipped with a soft wind mouth, the wind temperature drops by 12 °, Reduce the damage of hair keratin, effectively prevent the fading of hair caused by high temperature. What’s more, the price of this set of limited edition fashionable products is also very beautiful. During the activity, it only costs 2990 yuan, and you can enjoy the third period of the white note without interest. It’s easy to buy, and there’s no pressure to become beautiful!


In addition to “rejuvenate” yourself, housework should also be “rejuvenated” at the same time. Whether or not to wash the bowl after dinner is one of the problems perplexing contemporary young people? Fear of hand injury? Too greasy? These worries are like “angels and demons” fighting in your head, which makes you hesitant. The appearance of Midea frequency conversion large capacity dishwasher makes all this easy to solve! The basic accomplishment of an automatic dishwasher is: let lazy you win, let greasy away from you. In terms of installation, Midea dishwasher can customize the panel freely, integrate with the cabinet, “invisible” into your home. In terms of function, Midea’s exclusive light clean platform can protect health and safety, and the light system adopts light control, light acceptance, simple operation and no pressure; The cleaning system adopts clean washing, clean drying, clean consumption and clean storage, which makes the cleaning, drying and storage more convenient. It not only saves water and electricity, but also has low noise and no noise. The sterilization rate of deep disinfection reached 99.99%, and the health of the whole family was safeguarded.


We are serious about renewing our life, not just talking about it. This “Super 5” can be said to include all kinds of quality household appliances, including TV, refrigerator and washing machine; As small as curly hair stick, hair dryer, toothbrush, in Jingdong, you can not only choose your favorite products, but also your unexpected surprise prices. Come to Jingdong appliance “Super 5” to buy, add some materials to your life before midsummer!



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