“No play, no research institute” Toy Story group escape famous and excellent products?

Recently, a ghost animal video of toy general mobilization group fleeing from the famous maker and premium products has become popular all over the Internet. The video is full of screen full of three eyed children and strawberry bear ghost animals, and they all want to escape from the famous maker and premium products. The video has reached hundreds of millions of attention traffic in the whole network.

Tiktok, the social media’s joint interaction with Disney toy general has been on the fire before the video exploded. “Endless calls come at last,” “one sells on the shelves” and “toy story is absolutely the only one”. Netizens are very popular. The micro-blog social media platforms such as micro-blog, Xiao Hong and jitter have been heated up time and again.


On April 20, the entries related to Disney Toy Story of famous and high-quality products reached 500 + Notes in xiaohongshu in one day


Disney Toy Story of famous and high-quality products has aroused heated discussion on social media platforms such as microblog and little red book

Limited sale, Toy Story joint brand new products trigger phenomenal rush to buy

On April 17, the famous and high-quality products of “co brand boss” once again joined hands with Disney to create the co brand of classic Pixar Animation IP “Toy Story”. It is understood that the joint brand new products of mingchuang Youpin Disney sold out on the first day of sale, and the emergency replenishment of mingchuang Youpin was also made in a short time as soon as the app went online.


On the evening of April 21, the new products jointly produced by the general mobilization of mingchuang Youpin toys were sold out as soon as they arrived

It is worth mentioning that the brand-new co branded products of Disney Toy Story are only on limited sale in more than 800 designated stores nationwide. Meanwhile, the brand-new co branded products have built four offline super theme stores of Toy Story “no play, no research institute”. Offline super theme stores will open on April 24, including Shanghai Century Plaza store, Beijing Dawang road Hesheng Plaza store, Guangdong Tianhe Zhengjia Plaza store and Guangdong Futian Cocopark store.


Theme exhibition zone for Disney Toy Story

During the sale period, there are fans at the entrance of the mall at more than 7 a.m. every day, waiting for the store to open, and the long line has become the standard configuration of the limited edition of famous and high-quality IP products. A user who was deeply planted grass by mingchuang Youpin said that the joint payment of mingchuang Youpin was very popular every time, and it quickly went out of the circle. Every time as long as the app couldn’t get it, he would check the nearest store address through mingchuang Youpin app, and make a second offline rush purchase.

The new products of the joint brand series of mingchuang Youpin toys have more than 100 SKUs, covering a number of product categories, such as creative home furnishings, seasonal products, boutique bags, daily necessities, stationery, washing and care, etc., and continue the product concept of mingchuang Youpin “cheap and good things”. The price of each product is within 5-49.9 yuan.

According to the sales volume of the products, the order of the sales volume of the co branded products of the characters in toy story is three eyed boy, strawberry bear, bass Lightyear, woody and ham pig. According to the division of individual products, the best-selling items of the toy story co branded series mainly include antibacterial hand cleanser, 30 pieces of super soft manicure paste, cute face messenger bag, special-shaped sticker bag and blind box fun pen.


Famous creative products co branded Disney Toy Story series products

As soon as the brand-new co branded series of mingchuang Youpin toy story went online, it won the attention of many fans. From 19 years when the online call for mingchuang Youpin “when to launch the co branded product of Toy Story” to the time when the product went online, many netizens directly called “this wave of CO branding is too sincere, cheap and good-looking!”“ I want to buy a full set of CO branded products of the general mobilization of famous and high-quality toys, the “sweep finished” and “it’s time to sweep a wave of the series of general mobilization of toys”. More intimate fans organized and released the exclusive strategy of the “joint purchase tutorial of general mobilization of famous and high-quality toys” on the platform of little red book.

Fun play interactive marketing, CO branding with big guys, creating excellent products, creating “no play, no research institute”

In the past, Toy Story mostly chose to cooperate with fashion brands, and its co branded products were mostly clothing and shoes. This time, Creative Toy Story co launched a variety of products, including stationery, daily necessities, dolls and so on, which met the wishes of many fans. “Finally, we have the co branded stationery products of toy story.”.

As the first work of Pixar animated feature film, “Toy Story” is a very interesting work full of fantastic ideas. From the first to the fourth, it has accompanied the fans for more than 20 years. Different people, the same person at different stages, will see different woody, bass Lightyear, three eyed, strawberry bear in their eyes.

The initial knowledge of mingchuang Youpin and toy story comes from their mutual agreement. The positive energy, warmth and joy of Toy Story coincide with the brand tone of mingchuang Youpin. Based on its strong supply chain and commodity development and integration ability, mingchuang Youpin will continue to explore the ecological mode of product and IP adding weight to each other, and continue to expand the boundary of IP cooperation. In the future, it will continue to explore more story sparks between mingchuang Youpin and toy story.

Based on the “no play, no research institute” of this joint brand, by creating a better scene experience, the three eyed pizza planet and a group of characters interact with each other in the toy store, creating a toy spiritual world of the famous brand and the audience. In addition, through the event marketing activity of “toy general mobilization group fleeing mingchuang Youpin”, mingchuang Youpin allows users to participate in the toy world created by mingchuang Youpin in the form of “secret signal”. The joint activities of mingchuang Youpin and Toy Story deepen the core elements of “play” and “fun” in the hearts of users, bring real products and give users the perception of “fun spirit”.

It is also this “fun spirit”, the ecological mode of cooperation between famous creative products and IP, which releases a lot of unexpected surprises and energy, and the name of joint big man is really deserved“ From product development to implementation, the “no play, no play Research Institute” creates with scene and interactive playing methods, experiences culture with fashionable IP, makes products feed back IP content, continuously infiltrates “fun play spirit” into the cultural context of young circles, arouses the sense of identity and belonging of young groups, and expands the influence of brand and IP rejuvenation.



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