Hengshuntong, the shareholder of shunluo electronics, pledged 3.192 million shares in total for the production and operation of the borrower

On March 9, the shareholder of shunluo Electronics (securities code: 002138), Xinyu hengshuntong Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd., pledged 3.192 million shares to Shenzhen hi tech investment commercial factoring Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen hi tech Investment Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., which were used to borrow money for property management.

顺络电子股东恒顺通合计质押319.2万股 用于借款人生产经营

3.192 million shares were pledged, accounting for 4.8718% of the company’s shares and 0.3957% of the company’s total share capital. The pledge period is from March 5, 2021 to the date when the pledgee cancels the pledge registration.

According to the announcement, Hengshun Tong holds 65520000 shares, accounting for 8.13% of the total share capital of the company. A total of 53942200 shares have been pledged, accounting for 82.33% of the shares held by the company and 6.69% of the total share capital of the company.

According to the company’s 2020 annual report, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2020 was 588485500.73 yuan, an increase of 46.50% over the same period of last year.

According to digbei.com, shunluo electronics is mainly engaged in R & D, design, production and sales of new electronic components, providing technical scheme design, technology transfer and consulting services, and selling self-produced products.



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