K40 game version of the latest revelations: JBL sound quality + 3 microphone, NFC infrared have

Today, redmi mobile official micro released the latest news of K40 game version again, and announced for the first time that it has reached a cooperation with JBL, a well-known audio manufacturer of Harman Caton, to jointly adjust the sound effect of the new machine.

In the poster, we can see that K40 game version will adopt double speaker design, with the left speaker opening in the top frame of the mobile phone, forming a symmetrical double lift, and the shape is also very strange. At the same time, the logo of this cooperation with JBL will be printed on the back of the machine. In addition, the machine has passed the double hi res certification of wired + wireless headphones and Dolby panoramic sound certification.


For game users, K40 game version also brings a 3 microphone design without occlusion, which not only has a microphone at the upper and lower ends of the screen, but also has a microphone at the left border of the screen to ensure stable reception when holding the horizontal screen.


According to the previous official news, K40 game version will be equipped with Tianji 1200 processor, the latest aviation grade heat dissipation technology, horizontal linear motor, 67W fast charging + 5065mah battery, etc. Lu Weibing, general manager of redmi brand, joked with netizens on Weibo today that with so much material piled up in such a light game phone, I’m afraid there is not enough space for NFC and infrared.

However, according to the blogger @ digital chat station, who claims to have started the real machine, the infrared and NFC of the machine will not fall. If so, K40 game version will probably become the most versatile mobile game.


Author: Chen Muliang



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