RTX 3080ti accidentally sneaks onto the shelves, and the price is afraid to be robbed

Recently, it was photographed that the new RTX 3080ti Ventus 3x OC was delivered to the Los Angeles headquarters a few days later. Foreign media wccftech found that the card had been put on the shelves in x-kom mall today, and the information showed that it would be equipped with 12g gddr6x video memory.

RTX 3080Ti意外偷跑上架,价格恐遭疯抢

According to previous news from foreign media, RTX 3080 ti will use ga102-225 core, with 10240 CUDA cores. It is expected that the price will be directly compared with AMD’s rx6900xt, which is US $999 (Bank of China Version 7999 yuan).

RTX 3080Ti意外偷跑上架,价格恐遭疯抢

If the official pricing is so, given that the current rtx3070 still needs as high as 9000 yuan in the second-hand market, even if the mining performance of this card is limited, it may be certain that it will be robbed by the players.

RTX 3080Ti意外偷跑上架,价格恐遭疯抢

Author: Chen Muliang



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