Hebang bio’s net profit was 251 million in the first quarter of 2021, and the sales volume of various products increased

On April 27, hobang bio (603077) released the first quarter report of 2021. During the reporting period, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1654919317.81 yuan, up 61.7% year on year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 250797518.56 yuan, turning losses into profits over the same period of last year.

和邦生物2021年第一季度净利2.51亿 各产品销量增加

During the reporting period, the net cash flow from operating activities was 357348688.91 yuan, and the net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies were 11226089331.13 yuan by the end of 2020.

During the reporting period, the company achieved an operating income of 1654919317.81 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.7%; This is mainly due to the increase in sales volume and sales price of the company’s products in the current period. During the period, the investment income was 5952647.22 yuan, compared with 4068128.52 yuan in the same period of last year, which increased year-on-year, mainly due to the better operation of joint ventures in the current period.

According to the data of digbei.com, hobang bio has completed the basic layout in the three major fields of chemical industry, agriculture and new materials, and has formed four business sectors, namely, Lianhe, glyphosate, methionine, glass and photovoltaic products.



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