The right way to take photos

When the thirty five art house enters the hall, art comes with fashion, just as the movie says, “I met you, I like you.”

The 35mm focal length is the most humanistic visual range, and the 3535 art house is the most artistic living space.

The ever-changing trend is full of youthful atmosphere. This tide cave in Lishui City is full of modern and designed hotels, but the most special one is it.

拍照的正确方式|隐藏在丽水小众艺术气息HOTEL 35

In the era of numerous trendy Internet photos, the new Internet red punch card office is constantly found by people. Hotel35 can feel the usual design method of space level from the architecture. It integrates the aesthetic space with the natural landscape, and emphasizes breaking through the traditional design while being highly artistic.

Entering here, you can see the Lishui of past and present life, as well as the desire of young people.

Walking in the old room, for us who like to take photos, every corner of the hotel can be the background for you to take photos. The little brother and lady at the front desk are very nice. They also take the initiative to tell us where the light is good and the photos are good.

The exhibition hall was born with the breath of the times. Watching the exhibition in the hotel is a ray of light that the artists in the third and fourth tier cities are crushed by life.

The purpose of countless people driving to Lishui is not only to see Lishui in the eyes of artists, but also to see the incomparable public space.

Walk into the reception hall on the first floor, clean the lead and connect with the third floor, making the space full of the power of light.

Wang Pan’s and Gao Peng’s Photography Exhibition on the second floor is the deconstruction and reorganization of celadon craftsman’s art. Their interlaced lines gather in the circle, which represents the common spiritual consciousness of urban people caused by their aesthetic taste.

New “green” young porcelain X photography art joint exhibition;

I prefer the newly added “sunset light”, which has a more artistic style of clocking in than the general online stores.

拍照的正确方式|隐藏在丽水小众艺术气息HOTEL 35

The third floor is connected to the reception hall of the hotel. You can see that the gradual ascent into the hall is elegant. No matter how ordinary the soul can be involved in the sound of art.

Continue to walk inside, is the reception hall, in addition, hotel35 here will hold some exhibitions or small performances regularly. How do the Chao people spend their weekends? You can take part in quality life courses held from time to time, such as hand-painted, flower arrangement and so on, or just look at the exhibition.

The fashion atmosphere left by the 2020 aileyi show has not yet dissipated, as if tall models are still pacing here solo show.

拍照的正确方式|隐藏在丽水小众艺术气息HOTEL 35

You can walk to the bar along the stairs. We don’t want to be a traditional hotel. In order to walk into the life of young people and give people a relaxed entertainment environment, hotel35 also hides the online red bar where the minority punch in and out. It’s a good choice to have dinner and play.

Create a unique brand model and space to make the hotel’s unique experience stand out.

Bar is not only a space for people to release their pressure, but also an expression of another way of life.

The third floor is the most unique space. You can feel the sunlight pouring in, as if there is another layer of ritual feeling, which makes you want to dance or celebrate.

Wooden stairs make it easier for the audience to get involved in the topic, and also make it possible to have a harmonious interaction on the spot.

No matter which angle, hotel35 can be called a qualified art restaurant and hotel.


Hotel35 emphasizes the creation of comfort and artistic sense, the color and material of the old space, and the retro furniture and lighting modeling all show the elegance, sentiment and pursuit of quality of life at that time.

Therefore, it also won the honor of “2020 Ctrip hotel is the most popular online Red punch in Hotel”.

159 rooms & Suites, 2 restaurants + 1 bar, I took a group of friends, rolling here for three days, are reluctant to go

拍照的正确方式|隐藏在丽水小众艺术气息HOTEL 35

Silver salt restaurant specializes in creative Western food with Lishui characteristics, and the free buffet in the hotel also plays a role in promoting Lishui food culture.

The lobby bar is full of western style retro space, with western style furniture, which is both rich in cultural charm and modern fashion. The lobby bar can enjoy the city scenery, delicious afternoon tea, energetic snacks, special wine and drink for guests to choose.

The newly added set space (Chinese restaurant) on the first floor is the first stop of the 2021 renovation plan, which is a surprise to be expected.

Hotel rooms give travelers a sense of belonging. In a word, when the luggage is put away and the clothes are hung up, the tiredness is swept away.

Each room has a “art creation center” to leave space for your reverie, and those inspirations about life will burst out unconsciously.

拍照的正确方式|隐藏在丽水小众艺术气息HOTEL 35

People like to combine numbers with days, and any ordinary day will be given special meaning.

March 5 is the brand day of the 35 art house. Because of it, this day has become an art day in Lishui.

The perfect combination of food, technology and art shows the essence of the hotel’s personality.

With the unique combination of western style and Chinese style, we will create a living space with the functions of accommodation, social networking, meeting, food and so on, and bring the “artists” with 35 souls into full play.

No matter how much you say, it’s better to experience it in person. There are still more possibilities that are not found, which are worth leaving traces.



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