Weimeng set up a holding subsidiary team pro to build a new matrix of full link marketing

To further deepen the strategic layout of the whole link, in April 26th, micro Union announced the establishment of Shanghai tiktok TEAM Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the PRO SaaS), and the new company will expand its multi-channel ecosystem operation services through the micro alliance SaaS system, integrate precision marketing and digital operation capabilities, and help enterprises achieve synergistic growth in brand and trading. Further deepen the whole link marketing service layout.

Full link upgrade drives business growth and refined operation goes further

As early as the beginning of 2021, Weimeng put the whole link marketing into the strategic level of the group, and the establishment of a holding subsidiary made the whole link marketing more advanced in the operation end.

With the advantages of Weimeng, team Pro will help brands cope with the new challenges of digital marketing upgrading with four core competitiveness, namely, accurate data strategy ability, strong product selection ability and product selection strategy, perfect operation ability and high-quality creative content ability, and open up the front and back links of brands through integrated strategy and fine operation, Drive enterprises to achieve two-way growth of brand communication and transaction transformation.

In this regard, according to Jin Wensen, general manager of brand center of Weimeng smart marketing business group and founder of team Pro brand, with the blessing of Weimeng’s full link marketing strategy, the company will provide full link integration services covering the links before brand construction and after sales transformation, with the core goal of assisting the coordinated growth of brand, product efficiency and sales.

According to the analysis of senior industry insiders, from retail channels to brand e-commerce and then to social e-commerce, digital marketing has begun to transition from extensive development to refined operation. This also means that brands need to lay out the whole link consumption contacts, break the barriers of front and back links, integrate marketing with the integration of product efficiency and marketing, shorten the conversion link and integrate the whole domain and whole link data, so as to realize the full closed-loop connection of public and private domain traffic, so as to drive new business growth.

Focus on global multi-channel operation, stimulate new potential energy of full link growth

It is understood that team Pro business covers all aspects of marketing such as strategic insight, data analysis, creative content and production, media communication, e-commerce operation and user refined operation. Through the integrated full link service, team Pro can activate sustainable business growth for the brand.

According to China’s Micro alliance SaaS products and services, TEAM PRO will focus on the two major social content providers, WeChat and jitter platform, and provide integrated business services such as public domain delivery, content creation and production, fine user operation, shop management and data management, so as to help brands in content, live broadcast, and tiktok. The company has made a breakthrough in the three core businesses. And the endorsement of successful brand operation cases, providing customized growth solutions for traditional e-commerce drainage and efficiency improvement and refined operation of social content e-commerce. At the same time, Kwai hung, red beep, beep, micro-blog, fast hands and other social platforms.

You Fengchun, President of Weimeng group and President of smart marketing business group, said that Weimeng will continue to upgrade its full link digital capabilities. Based on Weimeng’s full link marketing strategy, team Pro organically integrates the single capabilities of strategy, creativity, media and operation, so as to open up the full link for the effective growth of the brand and let more enterprises participate in the upgrading of full link digital marketing industry.


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