Shanghai International Auto Show highlights, declassify Geely’s first intelligent holographic cockpit

The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: 2021 Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from April 19 to 28, 2021. With the reshaping of technology driven industries and the evolution of consumption trends represented by the continuous influx of new generations and the emergence of new ideas, great and profound changes have taken place in the automobile industry and the internal and external extension of automobiles as consumer goods. The 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show will once again confirm that the automobile industry will become a powerful engine to promote global economic recovery, The dynamic Chinese market will generate a steady stream of development power.

With the theme of “embracing change”, the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show interprets the innovation and development achievements of the world’s auto industry. It is worth noting that under the wave of auto industry reform, the auto intelligent cockpit is becoming the next industry outlet, and has a market weight of 100 billion. Electric, intelligent, networked and shared intelligent cockpit is the future development trend of automobile industry, which has become the industry consensus. It means that it will bring great changes in people’s life and travel, and also lead to changes in the shape, function and interaction mode of automobile cockpit. Therefore, the design of automobile intelligent cockpit has become a key factor in the future development and innovation of automobile, It is also a very important demand to create differentiation and attract users.


At the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, what surprised the reporter most was that Geely icon first built the intelligent holographic cockpit of aid holographic air intelligent display system. The intelligent holographic cockpit was based on holographic technology, realizing the leap of vehicle display from medium imaging to non medium imaging. No medium air display, this eye-catching “black technology”, attracted many experience. It is reported that this technology is provided by prism light entertainment. The company is a technology company focusing on holographic technology application, technological innovation and R & D. It is now a unicorn enterprise in holographic technology industry.


Technology redefines the future of intelligent cockpit

In the Geely Auto Exhibition Area, we experienced the Geely icon car equipped with aid holographic aerial intelligent display system. Previously, the “holographic cockpit” was only exclusive to science fiction movies, but now it has actually appeared in front of you. The reporter learned that on April 14 this year, Geely Motor & amp; Co; Prism light entertainment hosted the “see · never seen, the world’s first intelligent cockpit holographic shell breaking day” cloud conference, which was jointly delivered by Li Chuanhai, vice president of Geely Automobile Group and President of Geely Brand Research Institute, and Xu Min, founder of prism light entertainment Li Chuanhai, President of Geely Brand Research Institute, officially announced: “Geely icon, which is the first to build prism light entertainment aid holographic aerial intelligent display system, will be mass produced and put on the market in the second half of this year. In the future, Geely’s various models will gradually carry this technology.” This means that the intelligent holographic cockpit will be officially available to the public soon.


The emergence of aid holographic air intelligent display system completely subverts the current way of human vehicle interaction. The media free air display realizes absolute head up interaction, so that drivers do not need to bow frequently. The visual interaction is more intuitive, efficient and convenient. The interactive information covers auxiliary driving, strong prompt, safety assurance, intelligent care, holographic navigation and so on. In the case of ensuring driving safety, human-computer interaction can be completed with the most comfortable angle and the fastest speed.

Intelligent holographic cockpit creates a new starting point of human interaction

In addition to providing users with holographic intelligent travel services, aid holographic air intelligent display system can also realize holographic social, holographic office, holographic entertainment and other intelligent travel forms, holographic display and interaction, making travel time more interesting and cool.

In particular, it is worth paying attention to the intelligent partner of aid holographic air intelligent display system, which breaks the previous relationship between people and vehicles. The personification IP image of vehicle aircraft system makes the interaction between people and vehicles more warm. Like the AI intelligent “Jarvis” in iron man, the car intelligent partner can combine with speech recognition to realize the interaction between the vehicle and the computer. At the same time, it can incarnate as a 24-hour standby “escort” to forecast the weather and temperature, provide navigation and chat services to users, and even sing, dance and change clothes for users, making travel more intelligent, Have more company and fun, travel life is all done.


Throughout the current Shanghai International Auto Show, it is not difficult to find that innovative display and interactive experience will be the most direct contact brought by the intelligent cockpit. This development trend is very similar to the smart phone, which is also an epoch-making product. Smart phones subvert the traditional interactive mode of mechanical buttons with “vision + Touch”, and realize the gorgeous turn from communication tools to omnipotent “Scene tools”. Similarly, the intelligent cockpit is also copying this path, and the car will become the third space connecting “home” and “office”. It will intelligently upgrade from mechanical instruments to full LCD central control large screen and holographic display, so as to gradually realize the overturning from travel tools to “third space”. Consumers’ demand for cars is not only satisfied with the function of transportation, but also evolving to safer, more comfortable and more personalized driving experience.

Over the past hundred years since the birth of automobile, it is undergoing an unprecedented change. Looking back at Shanghai International Auto Show, its theme “embracing change” also confirms this point. With the development of intelligent networking technology, the car has evolved from the traditional means of transportation to the intelligent terminal, which also brings a new form of human vehicle interaction. In the future, technology, as the first productivity of automobile, will make the intelligent cockpit full of more imagination.



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