Realme won the world’s “top 10 brands of the year” and reshaped the global market pattern

Recently, realme, the fastest growing smart brand in the world, won the “top 10 brands going to sea” award of Alibaba global express in 2020-2021. Global Express is Alibaba’s e-commerce platform for the global market, which has covered more than 220 countries and regions. It is one of the main ways for domestic products to enter the global market. Realme has maintained leapfrog growth and rapidly entered 61 markets around the world. Since joining Sumitomo, its technology tide brand image has been favored by young consumers all over the world and has become one of the most popular brands on Sumitomo platform.

realme获全球“年度十大出海品牌” 重塑全球市场格局

Realme was founded in 2018. The original intention of its brand is to enable young people around the world to buy products with leapfrog performance and fashionable design at reasonable prices. For young people, in just three years, realme has become the representative of technology trend brand in the eyes of young people all over the world. Up to now, the number of global users of realme has exceeded 70 million, and its brand sales are ranked among the top 7 in the world. It has successfully covered 61 mobile phone markets in the world, of which 14 are ranked among the top 5 in the local market.

After returning home, realme quickly established a connection with the young people in China, and with its unique “trendy game marketing” and the young people growing together, it attracted a large number of “real fans”. No matter at home or abroad, with “leapfrog” products and “dare to leapfrog” brand attitude, realme has gradually become the best choice for young people to play smart life, break the shackles with young people, and create more surprises and possibilities.

realme获全球“年度十大出海品牌” 重塑全球市场格局

Adhering to the dual drive strategy of “mobile phone + aiot”, realme has achieved outstanding results in the mobile phone market. Besides, it has always maintained communication and co creation with young users in the aiot market, and its market performance is also impressive. By the end of the fourth quarter of last year, realme had become one of the top ten TWS brands in the world in just one year, and gained 2% of the global market share. Analysts of counterpoint technology, a world-famous market research company, asserted that realme will become “the black horse of smart wearable industry in 2021”.

realme获全球“年度十大出海品牌” 重塑全球市场格局

At the beginning of 2021, under the theme of “restoring vitality” all over the world, realme once again extended its brand attitude of “daring to surpass the level”. It not only invited Yang Mi as the latest global spokesperson of zhenwo brand, but also launched zhenwo GT flagship series with top performance and E-sports experience as the core to further improve its product line layout. As early as at the exhibition in February, realme brand announced its strategy of “dual platform + Dual flagship”, comprehensively laying out the middle and high-end product line, injecting more creative inspiration into the middle and high-end smart phones. Zhenwo GT series let young people see the wonderful possibility of the combination of racing elements and performance flagship. I believe the next realme will also have a full surprise.

The honor of global express’s “top ten overseas brands” is just a small gain on the growth path of realme. As the founder and CEO of realme Li Bingzhong said, “we always adhere to our original intention and create good products for young people.”. At present, the global users of realme brand have exceeded 70 million, and they are moving forward to “break 100 million”. It is believed that with more “real fans” support, realme will continue to explore and innovate in the field of young trendy play and intelligent technology, and create more excellent intelligent trendy play experience for young consumers around the world.



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