Guangdong milk tea consumption is the first in China, the first cup of milk tea in spring!

China is the birthplace of salty milk tea. In Tibetan areas and Mongolian Plateau, there is a special kind of tea product, called tea brick, which is a daily drink of nomadic people.


Because the local residents can only have a formal and rich dinner when they come home from grazing every night, they drink tea brick and milk at other times, and put in the salty milk tea which is made from the right amount of salt to satisfy their hunger and thirst. Other regions have different tastes, such as “silk stockings milk tea” in Hong Kong and “Pearl” milk tea in Taiwan.

After the Internet hot word “the first cup of milk tea in autumn”, the first cup of milk tea in spring comes! According to the consumption report, Guangdong ranked first in the consumption of milk tea, followed by Zhejiang, followed by Hubei and Jiangsu. Southerners prefer to drink milk tea, and Cantonese drink 2.5 cups more milk tea per week than Northeasterners.

The number of milk tea shops in Beijing is much less than that in Shanghai? After all, the whole north is a desert of milk tea. There is no habit of drinking milk tea in the north. Netizen comments: “yes, I am a southerner, there are endless milk tea.”

It’s not only young people who drink milk tea, but also middle-aged and old people’s happy water? Small program point milk tea per capita rose 1.5 cups, the elderly milk tea consumption increased by about 10%.

What kind of milk tea do you like to drink? 【TOM】



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