Raytheon official announced new products, Raytheon zero will be released soon

On April 27, Raytheon officially announced a new generation of flagship game book, Raytheon zero, on the social platform. According to the official information, the new generation of flagship games will use the new Kai Shi design language, with a series of designs, such as rhombic bite flower design, phantom orange body, RGB surround light ring, etc.


As we can see from the poster, the appearance of the Raytheon zero flagship game book adopts a large area of orange with a rhombic pattern of white biting design, which is full of vitality and personality. And equipped with a larger air outlet, can carry out effective heat conduction, air outlet position also has a color transition.

From the poster, we can see that Raytheon zero is equipped with rich interfaces, which should be able to meet the daily needs of most users. In terms of configuration, it should be equipped with RTX 30 series graphics card and a new generation of core or sharp dragon series processor.


Author: Chen Zihong



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