Less than 1000 yuan also has excellent visual experience! HKC s2716 monitor evaluation

As an employee who sticks to the work station almost every day, the most time he faces every day is the computer monitor. All kinds of words, forms and PPT during working hours, as well as drama brushing and microblogging during rest time are realized on the screen. Many companies’ monitors are getting older, and many small partners are still staring at the “old guy” with 19 inch and 21 inch resolution of 1440 * 960. Not only is the screen small and low resolution, but also there is a serious color deviation, causing severe damage to our eyes.

As the saying goes, we should learn to love ourselves and spoil ourselves. Changing a comfortable monitor is also responsible for our eyes and beautiful soul. Many of my friends think that a good monitor is too expensive and they are short of money. They ask me if I have a monitor that has excellent display performance and high-quality appearance, but is not too expensive. So, today’s evaluation room will bring you a s2716 monitor newly launched by HKC. You can buy 27 inch, 1920 * 1080 resolution, 8bit IPS panel and other features at a price of less than 900 yuan on the platform. Then how does it behave? Let’s follow the article to learn about it!

Appearance: micro frame brings high-end visual experience

Although positioning the attributes of business office and daily household, hkcs2716 still gives me a little surprise in appearance. The appearance of hkcs2716 can be said to be beyond the inherent impression of ordinary thousand yuan display. Thanks to the ultra narrow frame, it makes the display look like it is floating on three sides, with a full sense of visual impact.

The outer frame of hkcs2716 is only 1.8mm, which is very good in 1000 yuan display. With excellent inner border control, the visual feeling is very comfortable.

In addition to the extremely narrow frame, hkcs2716 is also very simple in appearance design. The whole machine adopts the frosting process to avoid the reflection of the display shell on the office light, which is very considerate. The thinnest part of the side is only 7.5mm, so the workmanship and quality can be called excellent. The logo on the lower border does not use the bright surface technology, but uses the matte surface, which is simple and low-key.

The display itself does not support vertical adjustment, but the pitch angle supports small adjustment, which is very friendly to office crowd. The damping of the adjustment is OK, and girls can easily move it.

The back design is more in line with the universal standard of thousand yuan display, and there is not too much visual decoration. The lower part of the back is the display interface and power interface, and the display interface supports 1 VGA and 1 HDMI. The display also supports wall mounting, and the hole position of wall mounting is 75 × 75, standard small LCD hole position setting. This hole can also support some plug-ins of NUC mini computers, which can form an all-in-one machine.

On the right side of the bottom is the common display OSD setting button and indicator, and on the left is the product information.

The OSD setting interface is located at the bottom of the screen. It is easy to operate near the button. The icon of the setting interface is large, and the content that can be set is similar to that of a normal display. Brightness, contrast, color temperature preset and other content, also support special preset for different scenes, such as FPS mode, RTs mode and so on. The preset color temperature mode is warm color, which makes the screen more comfortable.

Display performance: 75Hz refresh rate unexpected

Since it is a thousand yuan level display for business and household use, it can’t avoid long-term viewing and use by users, so excellent display performance is also necessary for an excellent display. Next, we will use the red spider color calibrator to test the performance of this display.

Before the test, we had a look at the refresh rate. Although the official leaflet described it as 60Hz, after using the attached HDMI cable to connect the computer, we found that we could turn on the refresh rate of 75Hz. We didn’t know whether it was the OC overclocking in a specific mode or the official hidden egg.

In the professional display refresh rate website testufo, we also confirm that this monitor does support 75Hz refresh rate. If all factory products can manually turn on 75Hz, then the cost performance of this monitor will go to a higher level. After all, the difference between 15Hz and 60Hz is very obvious. If you compare it with 60Hz monitor, you can feel that the picture is more delicate.

When the display is manually adjusted to the default factory mode, the measured gamut data is 92% sRGB; 71% of adobe RGB; 72% of P3 wide gamut. Although this data is not very good, it performs fairly well in the thousands of yuan level displays. At the moment when the display content of the whole network is basically drawn by sRGB, this display can cope well in daily web browsing and work.

In terms of hue response, the hue response curve basically coincides with the brightness 2.2 curve, indicating that the display has been pre calibrated before leaving the factory.

In the test of color brightness uniformity, we choose the minimum result in different brightness difference. When the brightness of the display is 50%, the maximum value is 3.7%. In the balance of screen brightness, the result of the minimum difference appears when the screen brightness is 100%, and the maximum value is 17%. The performance of this difference can only be said to be moderate, and slight differences will be observed occasionally in daily use.

In terms of color accuracy, we use the highest 48 groups of color standard test. Under the default factory default of the display, the average score of color accuracy is 0.85, and the maximum value appears in the color of color id1f. The color deviation is 8.19, which is somewhat obvious. The minimum value is 0.1, which shows that the basic quality of this panel is good. After all, with a set of data of 8.19, the average color level can reach 0.85. When the color level is less than 5, there is no color difference in daily use. Hkcs2716 is absolutely no problem as a business home monitor.

Conclusion: 900 yuan is worth your priority

We often use positioning and pricing to describe a product, because different positioning and pricing can well distinguish the buyers and make different recommendations for different people. Hkcs2716 is a business and household monitor priced at about 900 yuan. With its simple and fashionable design, ultra narrow physical frame and high-quality frosting process, it has surpassed many products at the same price in appearance. In terms of display performance, hkcs2716 uses an IPS display with good comprehensive performance. Although there is room for improvement in some indicators, it is more than enough to cope with daily office and home games. In addition, it exceeds the official 75Hz refresh rate, which makes the monitor “fragrant” all of a sudden.

In addition to HKC’s 20 years of manufacturing experience, mature technology and complete after-sales service, if you want to buy a 27 inch monitor for less than 1000 yuan, you should give priority to hkcs2716.

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