Le Ti Kong brings “bubble tea” to sugar and wine fair, setting off a new trend of health

The national sugar and Wine Fair generally refers to the national sugar and Wine Fair. The national sugar and Wine Fair is a large-scale national Trade Fair sponsored by China sugar and Wine Group Corporation. The national sugar and wine fair, known as the wind vane of China’s liquor industry and the barometer of the food industry, began in 1955. It is one of the oldest large-scale professional exhibitions in China’s history. It is held twice a year in spring and autumn. Recently, the 104th national sugar and Wine Fair was held in Chengdu. As a new consumer health brand, leti control, with its “bubble tea” in full swing, is leading the trend of health drinks.

Recently, the 104th national sugar and wine fair, which has attracted much attention in the global food and wine industry, was solemnly opened and concluded in Chengdu · Western China International Expo City from April 7 to 9, 2021. It is reported that the total exhibition area of this sugar and Wine Fair is 210000 square meters, with 11 special zones, 4106 exhibitors and more than 30 forum activities. It can be said that the number of visitors and participation are unprecedented.


As a new consumer brand focusing on high dietary fiber, LETC is honored to participate in this event, discuss the future development trend with many industry celebrities, and have close communication with dealers and consumers. Since its establishment, LETC has been taking sugar, fiber + as the core concept, going deep into the healthy diet industry, upgrading the health of drinks and food, and making up for the problem of insufficient dietary fiber intake of domestic people. Focusing on the post-95 and Z generation, high-value packaging, involving illustration, animation and other styles, cross-border co branding with the second dimension, eye-catching packaging, is the welfare of the Yan Kong party.


Compared with the similar products on the market, the packaging color of LETC is bright, pink is the brand color, and the visual impact is particularly outstanding in the brand of this sugar and Wine Fair.

As a kind of high dietary fiber flavored beverage, the series of Le Ti Kong products upgrade the beverage with the core concept of Zero sugar and high fiber, and encourage more people to enjoy the self-confidence from the inside out. Through the way of drinking, simple life, happy body control.

In order to cooperate with the channel business to promote the product and drive the sales, the music and sports control has set a perfect market support strategy and rich material support.


During the sugar and wine fair, the name of music sports control has been deeply printed in everyone’s mind. It has attracted many buyers and distribution agents in the industry to come to exchange and negotiate. It has gained partners from all over the world, reached a number of interested customers, signed contracts on site, and quickly occupied the C position of the venue, which shows the market potential of music sports control.



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