“Sweet economy” in May Day holiday

The spring is warm, the wind is bright and the day is clear. It’s a good time to go for an outing. This is also the peak season for wedding photography. Especially during the May Day golden week, it can be said that every family is happy and busy: wedding photos, wedding cars, honeymoon travel and so on need cars everywhere, and the car rental market also ushers in the outbreak period of “sweet economy”. As a national chain sharing car rental platform with nearly 10000 models, Dafang car rental has become the preferred travel car company for many young people by virtue of its many models, wide coverage, low price, excellent service and high cost performance.

“Spring is suitable for outdoor shooting. I have to use a car at that time, so as soon as the wedding photo shooting date was finalized, I rented a car in Dafang and reserved the car for that day. I’m afraid there will be no car at that time.” Mr. Qin, the groom to be, is happy to say that he has already ordered a Honda Allison from Dafang car rental platform. The daily rent is only over 300 yuan. The car has large space and good condition. It’s no problem to take a photo team. Mr. Qin introduced himself and said that he was an old member of Dafang car rental platform. He always chose Dafang for business trip or other places. They know all about the models, conditions and activities on Dafang platform, and they recognize Dafang’s car rental service: “it’s cost-effective, and there are stores all over the country, so it’s convenient to use cars. When you travel on your honeymoon, you can rent a car nearby from Dafang.” As for the next planning, Mr. Qin has arranged it for a long time.

According to the store staff of Dafang car rental, such special-purpose car rental scenes as Xiaoqin are rare in ordinary times, mainly in the spring and autumn. However, in the recent two years, the trend of lovers renting cars is more and more obvious“ At present, most of the car rental groups are young people aged 20 to 40. Although most of the car rental groups are mainly men, more and more women also participate in the process of car collection and return. Especially in the peak period of self driving travel on holidays such as may day and November, lovers’ car rental travel has become normalized, and the choice of car models tends to be more comfortable and high-end. ” Store staff said.

As a national shared car rental chain brand, in order to meet the travel needs of different users in different scenarios, Dafang car rental has been adhering to the service concept of “user first” and dedicated to providing convenient, efficient and affordable travel services. At present, Dafang car rental has set up 1100 + offline stores and 17000 + service outlets in more than 300 cities across the country, which can fully link major transportation hubs across the country. No matter what kind of transportation you use, you can easily transfer and use Dafang car rental vehicles. Dafang’s car rental mainly comes from the idle vehicles shared by the owners. The car condition is better and the models are richer, so the shared cars are more casual and better than the traditional ones. Not only that, but in 2017, through the strategic cooperation with Alipay, Dafang renting the first time in China started the whole process of free car rental, becoming the first brand of China’s Sesame credit 0 rental car rental. Customers with sesame score of more than 550 points will have the opportunity to enjoy the double rent free deposit of car rental and illegal deposit, and provide a variety of security services for road users, including road rescue. Make every effort to provide service guarantee for users’ safe travel, so that users’ friends can easily travel all the way without worry.

At present, the special channel for car rental on May Day of Dafang car rental platform has been opened, and now you can enjoy multiple discounts, such as 20 yuan less for one day, 100 yuan less for three days and 180 yuan less for five days. Rents can be downloaded through the “generous rental car APP”, or Alipay, WeChat page search “generous car rental” applet, you can enter the 51 may rent a car activity channel booking vehicles. Dafang car rental will not only bring you a professional car rental platform, but also strengthen and improve the car service during the car rental period, so as to protect the majority of tenants during the May Day golden week.



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