Real me Q3 series first sold at 0:00 on April 29


April 29, 2021 – Shenzhen, China – zhenwo Q3 series of realme, the fastest growing intelligent brand in the world, officially went on sale at 0:00 on April 29. Zhenwo Q3 Pro starts at 1599 yuan, zhenwo Q3 starts at 1299 yuan, and zhenwo q3i starts at 999 yuan. Users can buy it through realme official website, Huantai mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning e-buy and other channels.

千元档最强,realme 真我Q3系列4月29日0点首销

(first sale poster of zhenwo Q3 Series)

During the first sale period, there are nine first sale gifts, such as one-year extended warranty, 120GB free cloud space, and zhenwo cable headset, so that customers can have this “thousand yuan machine king” with the strongest benefits and the best price.

千元档最强,realme 真我Q3系列4月29日0点首销

(zhenwo Q3 series first sale equity)

Zhenwo Q3 series continues the concept of “surprise leapfrogging”. Zhenwo q3pro adopts Tianji 1100 5g chip and 120Hz Samsung AMOLED high swipe screen, and is equipped with the same 3D toughened VC liquid cooling of zhenwo GT series, achieving up to 80% cross generation performance improvement, bringing the largest one-time upgrade of Q series. Zhenwo Q3 series, with “flagship core + E-sports VC liquid cooling + E-sports high swipe screen” and other unexpected configurations, comprehensively challenges the strongest in the same level, and will become another “thousand yuan blockbuster” after zhenwo Q2 series.

With the full opening of the first sale of zhenwo Q3 series, users will get the strongest “thousand yuan machine emperor” at the same level with the best price and the richest welfare. At the same time, zhenwo Q3 series of flash activities will also be airborne from April 29 to May 4. Suning e-buy, Wuhan Optical Valley capital building, is a super cool fashion play Limited exhibition. I hope you can experience this interactive Carnival together!



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