Sweeper Market ushers in demand upgrade, how to meet? The answer is as follows

After years of development, sweeper robot has become a new choice for many families. The recent “white paper on the market development of sweeper robots in 2021” analyzes the development process of this category at this stage, and gives the prediction of the development trend of sweeper robots.

According to the report, the sales of floor sweeping robots continue to rise in recent years. For example, in 2013-2018, the annual compound growth rate of sales of floor sweeping robots in China is 58.45%, and the annual compound growth rate of sales is 58.66%. The market has entered a period of rapid development, and the growth rate is far higher than that of other household appliances. And in 2020, due to the epidemic, the online sales of sweeping robots increased by 24.1% year on year. More and more families pay attention to the floor sweeping robot.

In the research of users, users hope that the robot can meet these needs

1. From the perspective of use scenarios, we hope that we can adapt to more use environments and effectively deal with the places that are not easy to clean in the environment.

2. From the perspective of cleaning effect, we should pay attention to the product suction and mop function.

3. In the aspect of product intelligence, we hope the product can have good obstacle avoidance ability.

4. Convenience, more convenient to use, with automatic dust collection.


Daily household cleaning problems

According to the needs of users, the report predicts that the cleaning ability of the future sweeping robot products will be further improved, and it will realize more intelligent and convenient, and further liberate the hands of users. In addition, the sweeping robot will further cover more families and become an indispensable “housekeeper” in the family.

According to the content of the report, how to select among the numerous floor sweeping robots at this stage, and what products are worth recommending? The recently launched t7s plus is a good choice.

Why do you recommend this t7s plus? First of all, from the name, we can know that this product is not a simple sweeping robot product, but a sweeping robot integrating sweeping and mopping.


In the report, for the high-definition cleaning power expected by users, the t7s plus stone sweeper robot is equipped with the design of one-sided brush, which can better clean the corner, wall edge and other parts, and avoid the corner of the home becoming a sanitary dead corner.


Single side brush plus new generation main brush

In addition to the unilateral brush can better cover all kinds of home corners, the t7s plus stone sweeper robot is also equipped with a large suction fan as the source of suction to absorb dirt, and the large suction fan up to 2500pa can clean the dirt on the ground very well.


Large suction fan can handle dust well

The main brush of t7s plus has also been upgraded. It introduces the design of omni-directional floating main brush module. With the omni-directional upgrade of the main brush, the traditional brush is upgraded to rubber brush, which can better fit the ground for cleaning, and is more durable, reducing the risk of hair entanglement and making user maintenance more convenient.

As a sweeping robot, the t7s plus stone sweeping robot has also upgraded its function of mopping the floor. At present, it is the only ground cleaning robot with both acoustic vibration and intelligent lifting and wiping system.


It can also handle stubborn stains calmly

As the name suggests, acoustic vibration is to use high frequency vibration to clean stubborn stains better. The vibration frequency of up to 3000 times per minute can clean stains well. In order to reduce the working noise, the t7s plus also uses a double zone mop design. The t7s mop bracket of the stone sweeping robot is divided into vibration area (vibration stain) and non vibration area (taking away stain), which can ensure good cleaning power and control the noise well.


Double zone mop

As for the users’ desire to have better obstacle avoidance ability, the t7s plus is also the top level at present.


High precision AI double structured light

T7s plus is equipped with high-precision LDS lidar and 3D double structured light. Through the LDS lidar, we can accurately detect the range and large objects in the home, and 3D double structured light will cooperate with AI obstacle avoidance strategy developed by stone technology to better detect the obstacles in the front of us in the cleaning process, and intelligently avoid them according to the size of the obstacles.


Obstacle avoidance and cleaning

And for the environment with carpet at home, t7s plus uses high-precision ultrasonic sensor to detect the ground. When the carpet is found, the ultrasonic sensor will detect different wavelengths. After the user turns on the automatic pressurization at the app end, when passing through the carpet environment, t7s plus will automatically turn on the maximum suction to absorb the dirt.


Carpet can also be cleaned well

In order to avoid the contact between the carpet and the mop, the robot’s obstacle crossing function is enhanced. T7s plus is also the first sweeping robot in the industry to introduce an intelligent lifting and wiping system. It can automatically lift the floor wiping module on the carpet to avoid contact between the carpet and the mop and complete the high-quality cleaning of the carpet.


When encountering the carpet, lift the floor wiping module

In terms of the ease and convenience required by users, the intelligent lifting floor cleaning system equipped with t7s plus can eliminate the problem that users need manual intervention to dismantle the floor cleaning module and other parts in the past cleaning, which improves the user experience.


Lifting of △ rubbing module

In addition, users can also choose a new automatic dust collector. The automatic dust collector introduced by stone technology has a large capacity of 1.5L, which can effectively meet the cleaning needs of the sweeping robot for one month, so that users can clean the dust collection bucket once a month, which is more convenient for cleaning once a month.


Garbage collection by dust collecting bucket

T7s plus is also equipped with a mobile app, through which more refined settings can be made, such as partition cleaning, regular cleaning and a series of functions, which can provide users with a more convenient use experience.


Mobile app


We can see that with the development of the market, more and more people put forward new expectations and higher requirements for the floor sweeping robot. And stone technology is also constantly meeting the needs of users, and continue to walk in the forefront of the market to provide users with more excellent products.

At this stage, you can enjoy more discounts when you buy t7s plus before the holidays. The price is only 2799 yuan. You can also get antibacterial agents from the sun, and you can seize the time to get started quickly, which is more cost-effective.

Author: Chen Zihong



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