Abandon Sony? Nikon Z 9 or switch to new photosensitive element of Israel semiconductor company

As we all know, most of Nikon’s camera sensors are from Sony’s semiconductor company, especially the light sensitive elements of SLR and MSI are from Sony, which also limits the development of cameras to a certain extent. Recently, however, it has been rumored that Nikon’s full frame flagship micro sheet Z 9 will switch to photosensitive elements manufactured by another CMOS supplier, so as to avoid Sony’s fear that Nikon will be a strong competitor of full frame micro sheet, and restrain the development of Nikon’s own camera products through the supply of photosensitive elements or product grade.

抛弃索尼?尼康Z 9或改用以色列半导体公司的新感光元件

According to the online forum, Nikon signed a $150 million equipment supply agreement with tower semiconductor (tower Jazz), an Israeli photosensitive component manufacturer, in February 2021, while Nikon Z50 micro single camera and Nikon d7500 SLR use the light sensing components of tower semiconductor, In addition, Nikon has successfully developed a 1-inch 17.84 million effective pixel stack CMOS sensor earlier, which helps to reduce its dependence on Sony. Tower semiconductor, which cooperates with Nikon, also believes that Sony is not only a camera manufacturer, but also a major supplier of photosensitive components. Therefore, from the perspective of competition, Sony will more or less bring benefits to its own brand photography products in the supply of photosensitive components. Therefore, Nikon should also reduce its dependence on Sony’s photosensitive components. If the Nikon Z 9 really does not use the sensitive elements optimized by Sony, it may be able to make a different breakthrough in the imaging technology of the new machine.


Author: Shen Pei



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