Create a dream world and join hands with Tencent to create a new format of China’s fashion entertainment

From its establishment to its listing, bubble Mart let the capital side see that the blind box, a seemingly worthless high value-added product, actually has such a huge market. This generation of young people is really extraordinary. At the same time, bubble Mart has also pushed the domestic trendy game market to the upsurge at one stroke, and there are many kinds of new things that people pay attention to, such as blind box hot, twisted egg hot, hand-made hot and so on.

In the tide of fashion play, not only the rise of fashion play platforms such as bubble mart, mingchuang Youpin and dewu, but also the Internet companies with keen sense of smell have taken a fancy to this land that has not been fully reclaimed and entered the market one after another. Recently, chuangmengtiandi announced that it has signed a QQ family cooperation agreement with Tencent and obtained the QQ family IP license. It plans to open a total of 150 direct QQ family themed offline stores in China’s first and second tier cities within three years.

As China’s largest entertainment giant, Tencent’s first entry into the offline Chaozhou game market must be the target of market attention. Why did it choose to cooperate with chuangmengtiandi?

The potential of domestic Chaozhou game market is huge, and many capitals join the competition track

The rise of blind box fever in China is not accidental, but related to many factors.

One is the growth of domestic per capita GDP, which leads to the rise of personal consumption level. According to the statistics of fornoster Sullivan, from 2016 to 2020, the scale of China’s Chaozhou game market will increase from 8.2 billion to 23 billion. It is predicted that China’s Chaozhou game market will reach 100 billion in the next three years. The second is the change of the consumer body, which benefits from the improvement of the consumption ability of “generation Z”, especially the female consumer group. The survey shows that among the 18-29 year old users who are the main force of blind box consumption, women account for 75%.

创梦天地联手腾讯 打造中国潮娱潮玩新业态

Now the domestic fashion game market has entered the 2.0 stage from the second dimension to the pan second dimension. The whole market looks huge, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. In 2020, China’s Chaozhou game market will account for less than 14% of the global market. As a country with large population and consumption, China’s Chaozhou game market still has huge development space.

Although the current domestic entertainment market seems to be booming, but the overall force is insufficient, and the manufacturers’ brand concentration is low, small and scattered. According to the competition pattern chart of China’s fashion toy companies in 2019, even bubble Mart only accounts for 8.5% of the whole market, and the market share of the top five fashion play brand participants is less than 24%. It shows that there is no market pattern of Chaozhou game with large volume in China.

Looking back at the cooperation between dreamworld and Tencent, first of all, both sides have huge traffic entrances. Tencent has more than 617 million monthly active users nationwide by virtue of QQ, wechat and other social software. Chuangmengtiandi also attracts more than 100 million players with its leisure games and mainframe business. The two join hands to add code to the trendy play market, which has already occupied a huge advantage on the basis of users.

Secondly, Tencent has a strong layout in games, movies and music. It has excellent IP in the Chaozhou entertainment and Chaozhou play industry. In addition to the successful experience of operating “Tencent video good time” offline experience store in cooperation with chuangmentidi in recent years, Tencent has high-quality breeding conditions and operating environment in terms of infrastructure, platform management, and IP source and creation of Chaozhou play products.

Online giants march into offline and redefine new formats of trendy games

For Chuang Meng Tian Di, increasing the tide of entertainment and playing is an important step to realize the integration of online and offline integrated platform. It is also an important action to break the circle. Besides the game market, it will catch up with the new industry tuyere again and further lengthen the long board of competitive advantage.

Different from bubble mart’s business logic, another identity of chuangmontady is a game company. The key words of its innovative trendy game format are likely to develop in the direction of “interaction”. The beginning of the product life cycle is to sell trendy game. In the future, it may continue to interact with users through its online game products to give full play to the maximum value of trendy game products.

创梦天地联手腾讯 打造中国潮娱潮玩新业态

Tencent’s idea of becoming a blind box originated from QQ family. At the beginning of its launch, with the help of the six characters’ q-cute and Tencent’s rapid promotion, qqfamily has become a national top stream IP. No matter its influence, originality or image design, qqfamily has become very mature and deeply loved by users.

Previously, the layout of QQ family has been mainly online. This time, for the first time to enter the offline market, chuangmentidi was selected to be responsible for its offline layout. For example, the above analysis is likely to be the successful experience of the offline entertainment block of “Tencent video good time” jointly launched by the two sides.

创梦天地联手腾讯 打造中国潮娱潮玩新业态

In addition, both Tencent and chuangmengtiandi have rich experience in game production and promotion. For Chaozhou game users, the game is almost their common hobby and connection point. Using the influence of the game, it is easy for the two to enter the trendy game market, connect online and offline, and even go out of the new mode of online game promotion and offline trendy game retail experience.

The cooperation between the two creates a multi advantage track integrating online traffic, strong IP and offline experience, and broadens the development path of Chaozhou entertainment. It is even expected that it will be able to compete with leading players such as bubble mart, which is expected to reshuffle the whole domestic Chaozhou game market and make many investors full of more imagination and expectation for Chaozhou entertainment and Chaozhou Game track.



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