Less than 5000 yuan, adolbook 13 2021 is worth more



With May Day approaching, adolbook 13 2021 (psychedelic ocean) light book has started a round of special promotion. At present, you can have it for 4999 yuan, and you can also get three-year warranty as a gift. It can be called a very cost-effective model.

不到5千元 adolbook13 2021款够超值

From the appearance point of view, adolbook 13 2021 (psychedelic ocean) is a computer that can please beautiful girls very much. Its appearance is not too beautiful! Psychedelic ocean’s gradient appearance color matching, blue and pink interweave together, with the movement of light in the color will also appear gradient effect, very beautiful. In addition, the 1.2kg and 13.9mm thin fuselage design makes it like a small and light magazine, which makes it easy for beautiful women to carry whether they are on a date trip or on a business trip.

Adolbook 13 2021 (psychedelic ocean) has not only charming appearance, but also excellent performance. It is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation core i5-1135g7 processor and 16GB lpddr4x 4266mhz dual channel memory. Its excellent multithreading performance ensures that this lightweight product can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

不到5千元 adolbook13 2021款够超值

This lightweight screen is also a good place to praise. It uses a 13.3-inch Full HD anti glare IPS screen with micro frame, which accounts for 88% of the screen. It has 100% sRGB gamut coverage and can present wonderful picture quality. This screen has satisfactory performance in office, drama and game entertainment. Combined with Harman / Kardon Harman Caton certified sound system, it can bring you immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

This lightweight version also has 10 hours of ultra long endurance, which can fully meet the needs of most users for a whole day’s travel and office. At the same time, this lightweight version also supports safe fast charging technology, no burden to go out to work or study, and say goodbye to power anxiety.

不到5千元 adolbook13 2021款够超值

Excellent appearance, no short board configuration, the price is less than 5000, adolbook 13 2021 (psychedelic ocean) really can’t be missed!

Author: Zhang Fan



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