Support lpddr5 memory? Tiger Lake refresh will be released in the third quarter?

In 2021, Intel will release a number of processor products with a new architecture, including the desktop version of the 11th generation core processor code named rocketlake-s, the Pentium silver and Celeron processor code named Jasper lake, the 11th generation core processor tigerlake-h35 for ultra portable game books, and the 3rd generation Xeon scalable processor code named Icelake sp for servers. Tigerlake-h45, the 11th generation core processor Standard Version for high-performance game books, will be released in the second quarter of this year. By the end of this year, there will be the 12th generation core processor alderlake series designed with hybrid architecture

However, according to the latest news, in addition to the products identified above, Intel will also update the 11th generation core tiger lake-up3 Series in the third quarter of this year.

Previously, foreign media reported that core i7-1195g7 and core i5-1155g7 would be products of tiger Lake refresh.

In addition to the slight increase in frequency, users are more looking forward to tigerlake refresh’s support for lpddr5 memory. After all, in the architecture day of 2020, Intel once said that tigerlake-up3 series products have redesigned memory controllers, which not only support ddr4-3200cl22 and lpddr4x-4267, but also support more advanced lpddr5-5200 memory, which is the first time for PC platform.

With the development of the industry chain, it is expected that the new generation of ddr5 and lpddr5 memory will be in mass production in the third quarter of this year. It will be natural for Intel to launch tiger Lake refresh, which supports lpddr5 memory.

Compared with lpddr4x-4267, the bandwidth of lpddr5-5200 memory has increased by more than 30% due to the significant increase of frequency. Considering that the Xe core integrated by tigerlake is particularly sensitive to memory performance, tigerlake refresh has the opportunity to further improve the performance of Xe core after supporting lpddr5-5200 memory, which is a step closer to the goal of completely abandoning low-end exclusive display.

Author: Diamond Bay



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