Oppo car, on the way?

With the gradual decline of real estate dividends, the car has become the “sweet cake” in the eyes of capital. After Huawei and Xiaomi, oppo, another mobile phone manufacturer, has set foot on the road of making cars. On April 28, in response to the news that oppo was preparing to build a car, oppo responded to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that the company did have a layout in terms of car machine interconnection“ Charging for five minutes and talking for two hours “is the slogan of oppo that brainwashed thousands of users. What about electric cars“ Maybe many people will consider buying an electric car with a battery life of two hours and a charging time of five minutes.

Hearsay of car making

Since 2021, the voice of Huawei’s car making has been heard for the first time, and then Xiaomi officially announced the project after the investigation. Now oppo has also joined the “inner volume”. According to the news, oppo is preparing to build a car, and the promoter of related projects is Chen Mingyong, the founder and CEO of the company. At present, Chen Mingyong has made a thorough investigation and Research on industry chain resources and talents. In the past two weeks, Chen Mingyong also met with Zhu Wei, President of Ningde times China’s passenger car business unit. The two sides had a chat for several hours. He also led the team to visit China Automotive Research Institute and other institutions.

According to another source, Wu Henggang is the top executive of oppo in interviewing for automatic driving and algorithm positions. Guo Yandong, the chief scientist who joined oppo from Xiaopeng automobile last year, also participated in the preparation of the automatic driving team. At the same time, relevant cockpit positions have been opened. Oppo has decided to locate the automotive division in Chengdu to carry out automotive related work.

However, some media pointed out that so far, oppo has not really set up a project and is in the early stage of research. However, oppo is very interested in the car building incident itself.

In response to these rumors, oppo said to Beijing Business Daily that the company has always had a layout in terms of vehicle machine interconnection, including extending the flash charging ecology to the automotive field.

As early as in 2019, at the first innoday conference of oppo, which emphasizes technology and innovation, Chen Mingyong said, “even if we build cars, we will focus on the areas that oppo can do well. At present, we don’t know how to build a car. If the car manufacturers can’t build a good car, oppo will try it in the future.

Technology accumulation

It is reported that oppo currently has 3000 + patents in the fields related to the Internet of vehicles. Earlier, oppo announced a number of patents on vehicles, including vehicle positioning methods, devices, vehicle positioning systems, as well as distance measuring devices, distance measuring methods, cameras and electronic equipment related to vehicles.

In addition, according to public information, oppo Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. has disclosed a patent named “Internet of vehicles communication device and its method”, which was applied in September 2018. The patent mainly provides a kind of Internet of vehicles (v2x) communication device and its method.

In addition, oppo has made a multi-channel layout in the automotive field through capital and industrial cooperation. According to public reports, at the end of last year, with the introduction of Qualcomm, oppo has made full use of Shanghai’s automatic driving technology company to focus on technology, with clear investment intention. At present, it has entered the spa (investment agreement) stage.

Oppo also participated in the SOA architecture project of zero beam of SAIC spare parts Co., Ltd., hoping to output camera anti shake technology for taking photos and face recognition in the cockpit. At the same time, oppo is also discussing cooperation with ideal car on mobile phone Bluetooth key.

But what is more important is oppo’s ability to integrate the supply chain system. In the smart phone market, oppo’s supply chain integration strength is undoubtedly a benchmark in the industry. The accumulated supply chain cooperation mode and relevant experience can be directly transferred to the new energy market. At the same time, oppo’s advantages in AI, chip, hardware integration and system ecology, It will also further enhance oppo’s strength in new energy vehicle manufacturing.

Xu Yiqiang, an industry observer, believes that oppo’s involvement in the automotive field should be based on two points: first, cars are also hardware, just like mobile phones and home appliances. In the 5g era and the background of Internet of things, once connected with home appliances and mobile phones, new business imagination will be released; Second, the Internet of things, represented by smart cars, is replacing the mobile Internet era represented by mobile phones, which will create more and larger ways and spaces of life and entertainment, and it is natural for Chejia Zhilian.

It may not be enough to judge that oppo is building a car. After all, many intelligent hardware manufacturers without manufacturing experience have begun to try to enter the automotive industry, but not many of them are really mass-produced.

Breakthrough choice

Oppo’s entry into auto business is not only a breakthrough but also a general trend.

The scale of global smartphone users has basically reached saturation. By the end of September 2020, China’s per capita holding of mobile phones has exceeded 1, and smart phones have become the stock market. Huawei’s mobile phone market share is being shared by other mobile phone manufacturers.

Before Apple, Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi and other enterprises set foot in the automotive field, they all gave oppo enlightenment.

At the end of last month, Xiaomi group announced that it plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to take charge of the intelligent electric vehicle business, with an initial investment of 10 billion yuan and an estimated investment of 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. Lei Jun will also be the CEO of the intelligent electric vehicle business. This is also the decision that Xiaomi Group officially announced to build the car.

Huawei’s layout in the automotive field is earlier than before, and on-board systems and solutions are the direction of the company. However, on the 20th of this month, Cyrus Huawei smart select sF5 entered Huawei’s global flagship store in Shanghai. Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s managing director and CEO of consumer business, announced that Huawei officially sold cars.

In addition, the hi version of alpha s, a high-end brand of BAIC new energy arcfox Jihu and Huawei cooperation, has also appeared. This car realizes the first application of Huawei ads high-level automatic driving full stack solution in the automotive industry, and is equipped with Hongmeng OS intelligent interconnection system for the first time.

At the same time, with the new development stage of mobile Internet brought by 5g, the connection and integration of all things will become a trend. Like intelligent terminal products, automobiles will become an important carrier, which will be an important opportunity for manufacturers of intelligent terminal devices, including oppo. As Chen Mingyong said, “the future is not only oppo, the whole industry may no longer have a pure sense of mobile phone companies.”.

Kang Zhao, a communication observer, told Beijing Business Daily that mobile phone companies are mainly affected by millet in car building. If oppo builds cars, it will first have a deeper understanding of the Internet of vehicles, because the Internet of vehicles is based on communication technology. In addition, automobile is mainly sold offline, while oppo is good at offline channel layout and brand operation. However, oppo has a lot of shortcomings in car making. It is a layman and may take many detours.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Shi Feiyue

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