Mingchuang Youpin and bubble Mart fight again

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu and Bai Yang) on April 28, top toy, a global collection store brand of mingchuang Youpin, held the “reconstruction and link” 2021 brand strategy and new product launch in Shanghai. At the meeting, top toy announced that it would upgrade from “Asian trendy play collection brand” to “global trendy play collection brand”, and launched twinkle, Tammy, yoyo and other original trendy play IP for the first time.

With China’s local Chaozhou game market gradually becoming a climate, the Chaozhou game market with a scale of 100 billion has become a blue ocean track. However, at present, there are old players such as bubble Mart in the Chaozhou game market. Although the Chaozhou game market is still a blue ocean, it is undeniable that top toy will start a new competition with bubble Mart.

It is reported that top toy was established in December 2020, covering eight core categories of fashion games, including blind box, handmade, GAODA, BJD doll and statue, with commodity prices ranging from 59yuan to 10000 yuan.

At the press conference, top toy also released three original IPS of twinkle, Tammy and yoyo for the first time. Top toy creative director Jing Chao announced “Yo Yo” for the first time × Mei Lanfang’s co branded fashion image has become the first step for top toy to go abroad.

This is different from Paopao mart, a veteran player of Chaozhou game brand who mainly focuses on self-developed IP. Top toy pays equal attention to both outsourcing and self-development. According to sun Yuanwen, founder and CEO of top toy, although the trial and error cost of developing original IP is high, the profit is considerable. At present, top toy has signed nearly 200 independent designers, including Yokoyama Hiroshi, Japan’s top model prototypes, focusing on IP original R & D and cooperation.

According to economist song Qinghui, the attributes of the whole consumer market have changed. The market begins to observe consumer demand and create products according to demand. The era of consumer operation is coming. The cultural identity and self-confidence of generation Z are more and more profound, which needs more abundant local cultural content.

In response to the hot topic of bubble mart’s price rise, sun Yuanwen told Beijing Business Daily: “quality is more important for brands. At present, top toy has not felt the pressure from the rising of raw materials, so we have not increased the price. Judging from the current market, there is still room for the price of Chaowan products to drop. On the premise of ensuring the quality of products, each product can also cut down 1 / 3 of the price. ” He said that top toy has its own pricing logic in terms of products. For example, it will conduct comprehensive evaluation according to various factors such as raw material cost and product positioning.

“We are not benchmarking bubble mart, nor are we benchmarking any brands. Top toy is a new species. I believe that in the next 2-3 months, some brands will start to do the same thing as top toy. ” In sun Yuanwen’s view, blind box does not mean fashion play. Top toy is not just a trendy shop.

According to the data, the compound growth rate of China’s trendy game market has reached 34.3% in the past five years and is expected to reach 40% in the next five years. With the continuous expansion of the market, the proportion of China’s Chaozhou game industry in the world will increase from 11.18% in 2017 to 19.7% in 2020, and the number of consumers of tmall Chaozhou game in 2020 will increase by 100 times compared with that in 2019.

Bao Yuezhong, a new retail expert of FMCG, said that the attributes of the consumer market are changing. In the past, consumers were given a lot of choices, and the overall market was in a state of overcapacity. Although the market observes the needs of consumers and creates products according to the needs, there are still many gaps in the market. In the future, top toy should grasp the market trend of consumer goods, change the track, carry out dislocation competition, drive the industrial upgrading and expansion through the differentiation of competing products, open up a larger market, and help the industry develop further.

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