MSI summit 13 flip Evo has more than one sense of high end

Have you ever come across such a situation in your work? When you’re on a business trip, you’re expected to “go light”. When you go to another city with a heavy notebook and power adapter and have an interview with a customer, you can only hide your embarrassment with a smile. I’ve been through a lot of similar things, so I decided to change to a lighter high-end business book. Finally, under the crazy Amway of my colleagues, I chose the micro star summit 13 flip Evo, which is not only a high-end business book, but also has a different face value from other light-weight books in the notebook circle. The angular square is deep in my heart. Flipping the touch screen can bring me more use scenes. It turns out that if the notebook is turned at an angle, it will bring us a completely different feeling.

The choice of summit 13 flip Evo is largely due to the beauty of its design. The round frame of black ink and champagne gold, through the meticulous CNC drilling technology, carves a work of art combining with modern technology. That kind of metal texture, hold in the hand is really times feel. When my friend saw this notebook for the first time, he came up with an impressive sentence: you should buy it for the beauty of the flourishing age, right?

Summit 13 flip Evo is equipped with a 13 Inch Touch screen, which supports 360 degree folding. It can touch the screen in different folding states. At work, summit 13 flip Evo is a normal laptop. When you go out to meet customers, you can lift it up and go, fold it to 180 degrees, 270 degrees or even 360 degrees, and share the information on the screen with customers more efficiently. During the weekend leisure time, if you want to lie in bed and watch a TV play for a while, turning it to 360 degrees, it’s like a 13 inch tablet computer. You can easily catch up with the TV play and “steal half a day’s leisure” after busy work

The screen ratio of most laptops on the market is 16:9, and that of summit 13 flip Evo is 16:10. Do you know the golden ratio? When the whole is divided into two parts, the ratio of the larger part to the whole is equal to the ratio of the smaller part to the larger part, and the ratio is about 0.618. The closer the ratio is, the more aesthetic and comfortable it looks. This was discovered by Pythagoras, an ancient Greek mathematician in the 5th century BC. When the golden ratio is applied to the screen, 16:10 is the most suitable, with the aspect ratio of 0.625, while the 16:9 screen has only 0.5625.

Staring at the screen of summit 13 flipevo, there is a visual beauty, which can reduce the visual fatigue. In the office, at the same size, the 16:10 screen of summit 13 flip Evo has about 10% more visible area than the 16:9 screen. For example, Excel can provide more data information, making me more efficient in processing.

After using it for a while, I found that I fell in love with the msipen provided by summit 13 flipevo. It can support 4096 pressure sense, and the inclination angle of the pen tip is 166 degrees. I usually use it to write and give back a kind of hand pressure, like using a real ink pen. Summit 13 flipevo also supports mpp2.0 technology, combined with touch pen, and has remote control function. It is also very practical when demonstrating ppt.

In the area of security and privacy, summit 13 flipevo adopts enterprise level security measures. Fingerprint and face unlocking are supported, so I don’t need to output the password manually every time. In order to protect the privacy of video calls, summit 13 flipevo provides a prompt light for video calls and F6 one button video on / off. What makes me feel intimate is that a camera privacy lock is also set on the right side of the fuselage. After opening, the camera is immediately blocked to realize multi-layer protection. If you care about the malicious access of USB and SD card ports, you can also provide the device locking function in BIOS to turn them off.

You know, sometimes when you are busy and the computer is still stuck, you have the heart to break the keyboard, so good hardware configuration is also very important. Summit 13 flipevo adopts the 11th generation core i7-1185g7 processor, 32GB memory and 1tbpie4.0 solid state disk. The hardware specification is much higher than many commercial books on the market. I use the process, office codeword, watch 4K high-definition video, with PS processing pictures, PR clip video, these operations run quite smoothly.

I have to travel a lot. I take it around. It has a 13 inch small fuselage, 1.35Kg ultra light weight and portability. I’m also satisfied with its endurance. For example, I take it from Guangzhou to Beijing by plane, and then back to Guangzhou by plane. I don’t need to charge it in the whole process. Don’t panic even if the power really runs out. Summit 13 flipevo supports PD fast charging. If you often need to travel all over the world, summit 13 flip Evo is very suitable for people who are crazy about business.

For business people, a business book with high quality, high fluency, high portability and high security can not only set off a strong high-end business atmosphere and enhance the workplace temperament, but also help them complete their work quickly and stably. In the vast sea of machines, I choose summit 13 flip Evo high-end business book, which not only has high face value, strong configuration, easy to carry out, but also has a 16:10 golden ratio, 360 degree flip touch screen, intimate security protection and so on. In practical application scenarios, it is quite practical and easy to use. Do you want to experience it?



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