7 thousand yuan game this May 1 recommendation: this price can enter the rtx2070 model

Now a rtx3060 desktop graphics card has been fired to more than 7000 yuan, so that many game players have lost interest in DIY. Based on this, if you have another big demand for the game, I strongly suggest that you turn your attention to the game book. The following four 7000 yuan level game books are recommended, hoping to be helpful to the players.

ASUS Tianxuan

Editor’s comment: ASUS Tianxuan with 100% sRGB is very fragrant!


ASUS Tianxuan game is the first to carry the powerful sharp dragon 7 4800h. The processor is a high-end model of sharp dragon 4000 H series mobile standard voltage processor. Its core code is Renoir. It is built based on 7Nm process. It is designed with 8 cores and 16 threads. The basic frequency is 2.9ghz, the maximum acceleration frequency is 4.2ghz, and the TDP is 45W. At the same time, this processor can also support ddr4-3200mhz high frequency memory, which can further release powerful performance.

The processor is awesome enough, and the graphics card must be able to give free play. ASUS Tianxuan game book is equipped with geforce RTX 2060 graphics card, which is based on the advanced “Turing” architecture design. It has 1536 CUDA cores, 48 raster units and 128 texture units, and is equipped with 6GB capacity and 192bit wide gddr6 video memory. It has powerful performance and runs smoothly. Mainstream 3A games are no exception. At the same time, as a member of RTX series, geforce RTX 2060 graphics card also has a good support for ray tracing technology, which can help you play the next era games.

As a professional game book, ASUS Tianxuan is also equipped with an eSports display with 144hz refresh rate, adaptive sync technology and 100% sRGB gamut coverage. The 144hz video game screen has more than twice the refresh rate of the ordinary 60Hz display screen, and can display 144 frames per second at most. Combined with the advanced adaptive sync adaptive synchronization technology, it can present the smooth game screen for the players, and effectively eliminate the phenomenon of picture tearing and jamming. In order to meet different application scenarios, this game has designed three system operation modes: mute, performance and enhancement. Enhanced mode, namely overclocking mode, is also the strongest performance mode this game can achieve. Using FN + F5 function shortcut keys, players can quickly switch the system operation mode.

Glory Hunter v700

Editor’s comment: this game is very outstanding in the cooling design, Huawei and glory fans can’t miss it.


The v700 of glory Hunter game is equipped with i5-10300h processor and gtx1660ti graphics card. The overall configuration is faced with many popular online games on the market, such as lol, dota2, survival by eating Jedi, etc., which can run smoothly with high image quality. Hunter game book also specially designed exclusive Hunter key for players, which can switch the performance mode of game book at any time with their own needs (quiet mode, low noise and energy saving, balanced mode, power saving, crazy war mode, full blood game, no pressure).

An excellent game of this hardware configuration is important, but without good cooling support, in the case of internal temperature is too high, there will be stuck down or even crash, especially in the summer when the room temperature is high. The glory Hunter game has made great efforts in heat dissipation this time. It adopts the lifting cooling wind Valley design. When the upper cover of the game book is opened, it will automatically lift the wind valley area at the bottom, so as to improve the air intake and achieve a good heat dissipation effect. Combined with the innovative Heiyao radiator of the glory hunter and the double 12V hurricane booster fan, Glory hunter’s thermal performance in the same level of the game can be regarded as a new benchmark.

Glory Hunter game not only has the advantage of hardware, but also has the function of multi screen cooperation in software ecology. You can easily connect with the Hunter game book by shaking and touching the mobile phone, so that you can transfer files to each other, edit files across devices, or connect audio and video calls. Whether it’s the student party or the work party, the multi screen collaboration function of the Hunter game book will greatly enhance your productivity. The multi screen collaboration function is especially designed for game players to send back one touch, Just one touch can send back the wonderful game videos before and after 30s, and there is also a mobile game live mode with ultra-low delay. I believe that the glory Hunter game must be a very good choice for mobile game live players.

Acer shadow Knight

Editor’s comment: Acer’s game books have made great progress in recent years.


Acer shadow Knight engine is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core i5 mobile processor and rtx2060, which not only greatly improves the CPU frequency, but also has breakthrough graphics performance. It can bring smooth operation experience to large games and video clips. With such excellent configuration and price, even the famous League of heroes commentators Miller and Ze yuan pushed the shadow Knight · Qing as a sharp weapon on the canyon, quoting Miller’s words: “Congratulations, the shadow Knight · Qing sold out as soon as it came out of the spring and won the first victory!”

Shadow Knight · Qing works hard on the screen. It adopts 144hz Full HD (1920 * 1080) resolution IPS screen, 3MS response speed and 72% NTSC gamut. It can experience dynamic high frame number under high color restoration and master every detail all the time. The cooling system adopts symmetrical double fan design, supplemented by nitrosense control induction system, which can monitor the system information, processor and graphics card temperature and load in real time. The coolboost fan pressurization system can effectively increase the fan speed by 10%. Even if you are in a grand game scene, the full load game will not appear the phenomenon of jamming and frequency reduction.

In addition to the above-mentioned core configuration, shadow Knight · engine is a comprehensive upgrade. The usb3.2gen2 interface is 20 times faster than the traditional USB2.0. The standard four area RGB backlight keyboard can not only see your keys in the middle of the night, but also add a warm atmosphere for the game battlefield. Killer Ethernet e2600 network card with the most powerful WiFi 6 wireless network card on the market, the wireless networking speed can reach three times of the traditional WiFi 5, at the same time, it also supports OFDMA, with lower delay and more enjoyable games.

Shenzhou Zhanshen tx9-cu5ds

Editor’s comment: seven thousand yuan can buy rtx2070 game book, what more bicycles!


Shenzhou ares tx9-cu5ds adopts the desktop version of the 10th generation core processor i5-10400 in the configuration. Compared with the mobile version of the 10th generation i5, it has a better performance in the main frequency and the number of cores. I5-10400 adopts the design of 6-core and 12 thread, which makes it far superior to the mobile version in multi-core performance, and can give a better experience in some games with high requirements for multi-core performance.

In terms of graphics card, Ares tx9-cu5ds chooses rtx2070, with 8GB gddr6 memory. The super large video memory can better meet the operation requirements of high-quality and high-resolution games, and bring more stable frame number performance. With the high-performance graphics card core, it is enough to meet the high-quality operation requirements of all games at present. In addition, rtx2070 also supports ray tracing function, which can provide more realistic pictures for players in the supported games. The realistic object texture and light and shadow effect can absolutely make players experience unprecedented shock.

Ares tx9-cu5da is equipped with an IPS narrow frame screen with 72% high gamut, which can make players better feel the excellent picture effect. Of course, as a high-end game, the Ares tx9-cu5da screen not only performs well in gamut and other aspects, but also supports a refresh rate of 144hz. The screen of the game has never been so smooth.

In order to meet the cooling needs of graphics card and processor, Ares tx9-cu5da adopts the advanced cooling system with double fans and 6 heat pipes. The excellent cooling efficiency can ensure that the computer will not overheat in use. Even in the face of long-term high load use, you can also turn on the frenzy cooling mode with one click to enhance the cooling performance, so that hard core players do not need to worry about the cooling problem.

Author: Zhang Fan



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