The birth of the “ideal home”: the whole may day store

The May Day holiday in 2021, for the public who have been “depressed” at home for several months due to the epidemic, is indeed the time to release themselves in the middle of the year. It’s just like the 250 million trips of the “Little Spring Festival” and the “people following the crowd” state of the major tourist attractions. It can be said that they are all expected. Under this wave of epidemic situation, the state of “dwelling” also makes the public begin to re-examine life and return to family. Therefore, after the epidemic is alleviated, people’s pursuit of the quality of family life can be released, and then lead to the “home market” to form a consumption counterattack.

As yizhifeng’s one-stop integrated brand of ultra-low altitude flight, “quanbaoyuan”. On the first day of May Day, the whole home experience Museum in Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding will invite people who want to decorate to experience the whole home experience. How does the integrated brand form a balance in design, quality and price, and finally deeply move consumers.


Price advantage: let the world not afford to install the house

For ordinary consumers, price attractiveness is really a key factor. The “one-stop” package price of 999 yuan / m2, including design, construction, building materials, furniture, lamps and curtains, is really eye-catching. Because people who have decorated all know that even if the owners find a small construction team with “contracted labor but not contracted materials”, the final cost is not necessarily less than this. The key is that they need to spend a lot of time comparing quality and price, supervising work and materials, and spending a lot of effort.

“100 flat house, more than 100000 can be decorated with high-grade and direct bag occupancy, this temptation is really not small”, Mr. Wang said in the home experience Museum, but he was also worried that the price would be increased in the later decoration? Or is there something fishy about the quality of building materials?

Mr. Wang’s problems are also concerned by many owners. As for the first question, we promise that there will be no additional items in the decoration, which will be clearly stipulated in the contract; On the second question, this is actually the old problem of “no middleman makes the price difference”. Beijing quanbaoyuan relies on the bargaining advantage of Yezhifeng group’s building materials procurement, large-scale centralized procurement, and enjoys the low discount purchase price of mainstream brand building materials, thus greatly reducing the decoration cost, so the owners can also enjoy a more cost-effective price. In addition, all the building materials used in Baoyuan are the first-line main materials such as lucerne floor, Marco Polo tiles, Huida bathroom, Tata wooden door, bull switch, and other environmental protection auxiliary materials such as Huayi, Yuhong, RiFeng, Dulux, and sankeshu, so the owners need not worry about the quality.


Quality advantage: excellent control, visible quality

The main and auxiliary materials mentioned above can be seen in the “all inclusive standardized construction process and material exhibition area”, and what you see is what you get. Also, what you see is what you get, of course, is the much concerned sample room. Among the eight theme rooms in Baoyuan, Chinese style, new Chinese style, American style, Nordic style, simple style and simple style have their own characteristics. Most of them are built to simulate a family of three with an area of about 80 square meters. The overall space planning is reasonable. According to the style difference, the design is not only full of modern style, but also warm and practical.

It can be seen that the furniture design of the model room is novel and the materials are high-end, which is quite popular with the owners. Fas white oak / white wax furniture from North America, kasla furniture from Myanmar, imported olive wood furniture and so on have both texture, design and style. There are even many owners here to buy furniture alone.



Service advantage: embarrass yourself and make customers

The company is not only careless in material selection, but also in service management and control. It was learned at the scene that every new worker in Baoyuan should receive systematic training before going on duty, and even the teacher Fu should be reexamined regularly in order to keep improving in construction. After the completion of decoration, the project supervisor should also carry out strict acceptance, for those who do not meet the standards, the full circle will be responsible to the end, and give the re decoration. In addition, in order to relieve the owner’s worries, quanbaoyuan also provides “10-year warranty of basic engineering”. It can be said that they are in trouble in all aspects.

Low price, high quality, good service, these three factors together to provide a “product”, how can it not be afraid of consumer recognition and praise? Quanbaoyuan wholeheartedly serves users, and what it achieves is not only the brand, but also the new consumption trend of “integrated home”. We believe that quanbaoyuan will continue to forge ahead in the future and create an “ideal home” for users with more humanized services.


(26 sample rooms, WYSIWYG)



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