Join hands with home appliance enterprises to seek innovation, Jingdong home appliance promotes the upgrading of whole house water industry

With the awakening of consumers’ health awareness, water heaters, water purifiers and other water appliances have ushered in a new round of development opportunities. On April 29, under the guidance of China household electrical appliances association, the “2021 Forum on smart sharing of water for all Chinese families” sponsored by China home appliances network was held in Beijing. At the meeting, as a promoter of the upgrading and transformation of the home appliance industry, Jingdong home appliance, together with a.o. Smith, Midea, Haier, Qingdong Nabian, Nengli, Linnei and other home appliance enterprises, launched an in-depth discussion on the topic of “discovering the new year value of the water driven industry”, and made every effort to build an intelligent and healthy development path for the water appliance products under the whole house water consumption scenario.

携手家电企业共谋创新 京东家电推动全屋用水产业升级

Jingdong household appliances and water appliances industry grow together in the era of water use for the whole house

From the first “visible” cleanliness to the later “invisible” safety, consumers’ awareness and requirements of water health are constantly upgrading. In the post epidemic period, the sense of uneasiness about the external environment makes consumers pay more attention to the sense of security and control of the family environment. The health of water use at home, especially the concern of users caused by the quality of water use, is continuously improving, which also reflects that consumers’ requirements for water quality are gradually improving.

In the intelligent era, consumers’ demand for water health promotes the birth of whole house water sub scenes such as smart bath and whole house water purification. As the cornerstone of the whole house water scene, more intelligent and healthy water heaters, water purifiers and other water appliances are growing at a gratifying rate, announcing that the future of whole house water use is near.

According to the data of Ovi cloud, in terms of water heaters, the retail volume of Q1 electric storage water heaters in 2021 was 5.14 million, an increase of 23.8% over the same period last year; The retail volume of gas water heaters was 3.06 million, up 58.3% year on year; In terms of water purifiers, the total retail volume of Q1 water purifiers in 2021 was 1.934 million units, a year-on-year increase of 32.3%.

The “positive development” of the industry can also be seen from the growth of retail sales of Jingdong household appliances water heaters and water purifiers. It is understood that, as the largest home appliance retail platform in all channels of Jingdong, the retail sales of home appliance water heaters in the first quarter of this year increased by more than 60% year on year, of which the retail sales of middle and high-end products increased by more than 100% year on year, and the proportion has also been further improved; Meanwhile, in the first quarter of this year, the retail sales of Jingdong’s home appliance water purification business (water purifier, water dispenser and water softener) exceeded 50% year on year.

Cooperate with home appliance enterprises to customize individual products differently, and Jingdong home appliance promotes the upgrading of whole house water industry

As the most core retail channel connecting supply and demand, facing the coming tuyere of the whole house water industry, Jingdong household appliances has already joined hands with household appliance enterprises to carry out the layout.

The person in charge of the bathroom category of the kitchen and bathroom Business Department of Jingdong household appliances business division said: “this year, Jingdong household appliances will take the healthy bath and IOT intelligent as the long-term online marketing of water heaters. After the stratification of consumers, it will create segmented marketing scenarios, such as promoting thin products and short products for urban small family owners, launching constant temperature pet washing products for pet families, and creating personalized products for consumers For mother and child families launched beauty lotion products

携手家电企业共谋创新 京东家电推动全屋用水产业升级

Fan min, director of bathroom category of kitchen and bathroom Business Department of Jingdong home appliance business department

In promoting the upgrading of water purifier industry, the head of small household appliances buyer of Jingdong household appliances business division said: “in the future, Jingdong household appliances will cooperate to participate in the formulation of corresponding water purification standards, so as to make good water purifier products easier for consumers, and make the product quality better and the price lower, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry.”

携手家电企业共谋创新 京东家电推动全屋用水产业升级

Cao Gang, person in charge of small household appliances buyer of Jingdong household appliances division

Jingdong household appliances not only promotes the upgrading of the industry and ushers in the new, but also gives differentiated development strategies in combination with its own advantages in the face of homogenization of different brands of water appliances. The person in charge of the bathroom category of the kitchen and bathroom Business Department of Jingdong home appliance business division said: “we should break through the innovation bottleneck from the source, fully tap the crowd consumption pain points, deeply upgrade the functional configuration according to the user pain points, horizontally split and subdivide the scene crowd needs, differentiate the product selling points, meet the personalized consumption needs, and constantly upgrade the products and functions, From the professional and comprehensive direction of depth layout. For example, the c2m project and Jingpin home appliance project that Jingdong home appliance is working on are all differentiated products that work together with brands to create conscience quality, conscience price and conscience service. “

For a long time, JD household appliances has been committed to making the supply side more accurately match and meet consumer demand, and building a bridge between the market, brand production end, user consumption end and the whole industrial chain with cutting-edge technology and digital intelligent supply chain. With the arrival of the era of whole house water purification, as a “connector” between consumers and home appliance enterprises, Jingdong will promote home appliance enterprises to upgrade the experience of water appliance products, and help consumers “enjoy” the future.



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