Taobao sells furniture stores on tiktok, nearly seventy million of sales.

The net red people and MCN organizations gradually understand the rules of “tiktok” and “Taobao now”.

Tiktok, a small known carpenter, is a furniture brand operator who is a home buyer in many consumers. In April 2020, he felt the trend and growth of e-commerce, renovated the Taobao store “good birds and good trees”, and successfully transformed the content influence into commercial value.

Today, the number of people entering the Taobao store “liangqinjiamu” every day has reached 20000 from 2000 before, and the number of consulting people has increased from more than a dozen to 300, with an annual sales of nearly 70 million.

抖音网红上淘宝卖家具 店铺年销售额近七千万

Making video by chatting

The core of content output is grasped

Compared with the past graphic content, short video has become a new trend. It shows the content truthfully and directly, and keeps many users, which makes video a must for military strategists. In 2018, Xiao Qiang, who had accumulated popularity, first created a voice account. In 2018, tiktok released more than 900 short videos with a total of 330 thousand fans.

“The lens can follow me to see that there is a small shelf and sliding door on my left hand side. There is still room for the door after pushing the door open. It’s a coat rack…” Xiao Qiang uses a relaxed and lively voice, which sounds like a chat. The design of a children’s room is designed to be customized to 41 thousand points, and the tiktok is 7323.

This high praise video, the 14 square meters of children’s room space to the extreme. Through Xiaoqiang’s customized design, this limited small space accommodates lockers, cloakrooms, upper and lower beds, desks, ladders, hanging cabinets… Not only the function division is reasonable and complete, but also has a large capacity of storage space.

Tiktok long time, in fact, in the small voice, the other members of the team have spent a lot of time in the mirror style to explore what love can be enjoyed by the public. At the beginning, we thought that hard core popular science content would not be seen by too many people, but actually Internet users like knowledge and popular science content very much. “

In order to increase interest, tiktok’s popular BGM has become the creative material of Xiaoqiang team. I sit in the owner’s black walnut and watch the sunset. They say it’s the most pleasant place. I’ve experienced it. The case I shot today is my favorite. I’ll show you around. I’m not sad. ““ In the tiktok “account”, there are always videos that can’t help users to sing.

Xiaoqiang and his partners also found out a set of experience: it’s not necessary to pursue the perfection of the video too much, but the truth is the most important, because the truth can shorten the distance between them and their fans. It can make the distance between businesses and consumers closer, “just like you need a photo to see every day, you don’t want to see art photos, but need life photos. Why? Because life is real.

抖音网红上淘宝卖家具 店铺年销售额近七千万

Taobao has changed

Do real content with temperature

In April this year, Xiaoqiang carried out the decoration design of Taobao shop, re created the details page, and updated the positioning. The reason why all this has changed is that we don’t want to make do with it any more. In fact, liangqinjiamu Taobao store was established a few years ago, but it was only a platform for occasional trading before, because the team is good at content and does not have much budget to buy traffic.

But everything is different. In Xiaoqiang’s own words, “Taobao is changing, and we are also seeing its change.” The changes he referred to include: Taobao’s continuous live broadcast and short videos, such as the full information flow of Taobao’s home page, “guess you like” becoming the leading role of the first screen, and online content community shopping. All these measures are conducive to the content creation businesses to play their advantages.

Tiktok is very clear that content and business are different. He sends the content and influence through the shaking. First let consumers trust the content of the master carpenter, and then he will have a good impression on the furniture brand “good poultry and good wood”, and then drain the consumer to Taobao store, which will finally lead to the transaction of commodities.

抖音网红上淘宝卖家具 店铺年销售额近七千万

“It’s easier for small products to transform into traffic on the short video platform. Consumers can place orders wherever they see them. Unlike small FMCG, customizable furniture has high unit price and low purchase frequency. Consumers need to communicate with customer service repeatedly, so it is necessary to build a position for long-term precipitation of customers for the brand. Taobao store is a good choice. “

Now, the team is also releasing short videos at the jitter and Taobao tiktok. In the jitter, the video mainly presents the planning of tiktok furniture and the matching of furniture. Taobao store’s short video, he will pay more attention to show the product itself, such as material, shape, texture and other details.

Every comment of Taobao consumers is wealth for Xiaoqiang team, especially the comments pointing out problems. He will even find some more general evaluation, find the pain point of the product, just because it is true.

Just one year after opening the store, “good bird and good wood” won the 2021 Taobao new business award. Xiaoqiang has set the next small goal, striving to become the first in the field of Taobao log furniture customization as soon as possible.

A review of Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao

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