As long as one yuan can buy new day lithium tram, from today on up!

The May Day holiday is coming soon. This year’s May Day holiday can be said to be full of slots. Everyone says it’s a holiday made up of compensatory leave, but anyway, it’s also the longest holiday in the first half of the year, and we should take it and cherish it. More than half a year, whether it’s a reward for half a year’s hard work or a gift for parents and friends, electric cars are a good choice. From April 28 to May 10, the activity of “ten million benefits, one yuan for lithium” of Xinri electric vehicles came. There was no routine in the whole process. You can get the benefits of one yuan for lithium electric vehicles by drawing a lottery first and then buying a car. Hurry to Xinri store to buy. Here I made up a strategy for you.


Sitting at home can also win 100% of the prize, even more red envelopes into the store!

The new day wool can be called “people sitting from home, wool to hand”. Since April 28th, we have been concerned about the official account of the “new electric car” and click on the one yuan purchase of lithium option to participate in the lottery.


You can get the following benefits when participating in the lottery on the official account.

1. As long as one yuan, there is a chance to get the new Japanese car grade lithium tram;

2. The newly listed Xinri smart lithium trams xc3 and F5 can use 666 yuan of value-added coupons, which can be rounded up to zero;

3. Full discount coupon: if you buy a car for 2000 yuan, you can get 100 yuan discount. You can send a gift pack online!

In addition, in offline stores, as long as you enter the store, you will get a red envelope, and you will get benefits like playing cards, cash, small appliances, after-sales service gifts, etc.


Get to the point! All the above activities are 100% winning, and the lottery is first to enjoy the discount, and then choose whether to buy a car or not!

Xinri electric vehicle has brought you sincerity. It depends on whether you can catch it or not!

High discount for old cars, low price for lithium batteries

If your family’s electric car is about to retire, and you’ve been coveting the super high-end lithium electric car with 5-year warranty and 10-year warranty, but you feel that the price is high, you must seize this wave of benefits! If you bring your old car to the store and replace it with a new car, you can enjoy a discount of 300-500 yuan. The specific purchase intensity depends on the local store. You can have a look on the spot. If you replace it with a new lithium electric car, you can still reduce another 199 yuan.

In fact, Xiaobian highly recommends that you buy Xinri lithium trams, which are equipped with automotive grade lithium batteries. They are guaranteed for 5 years and used for 10 years. The biggest advantage is the long service life. Just like the super Q6 you bought before Xiaobian, you only need to charge the daily commuter once a week. The newly launched intelligent lithium trams, Xinri xc3 and F5, also use automotive grade lithium batteries, which are guaranteed for 5 years and used for 10 years. In addition to endurance, long service life is also a prominent advantage of Xinri lithium tramcar. The selection of each cell of Xinri lithium tramcar’s automotive grade lithium cell is carefully selected to ensure the consistency of each cell’s discharge. BMS intelligent battery management system effectively balances the discharge rate of each cell, ensures the stable and efficient discharge efficiency of the whole pack, and has excellent technology, The new Japanese electric vehicle only dare to promise that the car grade lithium battery will be guaranteed for 5 years and 10 years.


Take advantage of the May Day holiday and ride on the super high-end intelligent lithium tram of Xinri for a long vacation!

If you have limited funds, consider the ordinary lead-acid model. Now you only need to buy a car + 99 yuan to upgrade the same model of Xinri graphene battery, which can save hundreds of dollars!

Don’t worry about the May Day holiday. Go to the off-line store of Xinri electric car to collect a wave of wool and ride a new car. You will come back in a good mood immediately!



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