How to seize the dividend of the era of global consumer growth

In the retail Iron Triangle of people’s goods yard, the central position of people is constantly strengthened. The more lively the live broadcast, short video, social e-commerce and other marketing methods are, the higher the acceleration rate of “people” digitization is. Online and offline boundaries are constantly broken, shopping scenes continue to be rich, consumer groups are becoming more and more subdivided, consumer demand is becoming more and more personalized… Intelligent management of consumer numbers has become a response strategy for retail brands.

How to effectively open up, integrate and revitalize consumer data and build a growth engine?

How to find the growth point of products and realize explosive marketing?

How can different customer groups carry out differentiated private domain operation?

How to excavate and revitalize the global value to achieve sustainable growth?


On April 23, the digital cloud global consumer growth carnival was held in Shanghai. In order to explore the topic of global consumer growth more comprehensively, the sponsor Hangzhou digital cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “digital cloud”) specially invited guests from brand, platform and organization to launch the discussion from three dimensions: practical experience of the first line of the market, Official Strategy of the platform and forward-looking observation of the third party, This paper discusses the topics of “intelligent transformation of brand number” and “sustainable growth of global consumers”. Executives from nearly 500 retail head brands and platforms across the country attended the conference.


The underlying logic of building a global consumer growth system

Ma ruiguo, President of new Xiuli Greater China, summed up the brand’s appeal for digital transformation into three points: first, speed, that is, how to make the product image reach consumers with the fastest speed; Second, to build a brand image recognized by consumers; The third is service, realizing one-to-one service. Ma ruiguo stressed that the primary purpose of brand digital transformation is to transform brand operation and product operation into consumer centered operation.

Wang Chao, head of marketing digitalization of Jialan group, believes that it is necessary for brands to precipitate global consumer data. The operation ability of effective data in multiple scenarios and multiple contacts is of great value to the future business development of brands“ Most of the time, we solve problems in the future, and we can run faster than others in the future. ” Wang Chao said.

Feng Hailong, the CIO of Feihe, believes that the exploration and reform of brand business model cannot be separated from the support of big data capability. All “I know” of brand about consumers are backed by data. Without the support of data capability, there is no way to talk about the operation of stock users.


Mode and experience of global consumer capitalization operation

Dong Liang, vice president of digital cloud, believes that global consumer operation has a longer-term value. Only by doing a solid private domain traffic operation with members as the core can we define the most direct and effective traffic acquisition scenario in the public domain based on the characteristics of members, so as to maximize the value of public domain traffic and truly realize the sustainable growth of global consumers.

Yang Yang, the CDO of Fauvism, believes that the private domain operation of brands should be combined with the actual situation of customers. Yang Yang said that Fauvism has a strong gift attribute, and the overall style of its customers is very high. Therefore, conventional private domain operations such as group pulling and SMS touch are not suitable for Fauvism. At present, the private domain management of Fauvism mainly starts from the content, scene, product and other dimensions, improves customer stickiness and drives the growth of business through psychological connection and warm member operation.

Member digitization is a major measure of e-commerce digitization of Thomson beckon. Chen Chen, head of member operation of Thomson beckon, said that at present, Thomson beckon is committed to realizing the integration of member rights and interests. In the future, as long as it is a “field” that can produce members, it will be connected to the consumer operation platform. No matter which channel consumers register as members, they can enjoy the unified welfare and service of Tomson.

This conference coincides with the tenth year of the establishment of cloud computing.

At the meeting, song Xiangping, founder and CEO of digital cloud, briefly reviewed the ten-year exploration and the next ten-year plan of digital cloud on the road of consumer digital intelligent operation.


Song Xiangping, founder and CEO of digital cloud

Song Xiangping said that after ten years of development, digital cloud has set up a comprehensive CRM product and service system. At present, it serves more than 4000 customers, and the head customers of feiyada, Qiaqia, xiaocan tea and other retail industries all choose digital cloud’s products and services. In the next decade, digital cloud will move from the stage of all-round CRM products and services to the stage of software service ecological development with CRM PAAS as as the core, so as to better help enterprises use digital technology to improve service ability, optimize consumer experience and realize sustainable growth.

In addition, digital cloud’s “digital cloud winner” and “digital cloud unicorn” also released their latest product capabilities on the same day. The digital cloud winner product line has released new private domain winner products to meet the needs of the brand in the connection between private domain operation and the overall membership system; Digital cloud Kirin has launched CDP, low code development and other capabilities.

At the award ceremony of “Shuyun · Hurun top 100 big consumer private enterprises in China” that night, Lenovo, BYD, Weima automobile, Anke innovation, youbiexuan, mingchuang Youpin, Galanz, Feike, OPP lighting, miaolandou and other brands on the list attended the ceremony. Hurun, chairman and chief research officer of Hurun Baifu, and song Xiangping jointly presented awards to the award-winning enterprises.


Chairman and chief research officer of Hurun Baifu



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