Money is hard to buy air card? It’s not as good as taking home a set of rtx3070

Whether last year or this year, the global semiconductor production capacity is very tight. There are two new graphics cards, NVIDIA and AMD, and Intel and AMD processors catch up. In addition, the new home game console ps5 and Xbox series of various manufacturers also require huge chips. In the case of limited wafer production capacity, the price of digital currency has gone up sharply, and the mining tide is fierce, which also drives the price of computer hardware to go up sharply. At present, the 3070 graphics card of a second-hand platform has nearly 10000 yuan.

In this case, the graphics card is almost no market situation, the price performance of DIY is gone forever, and in this special case, the brand game console has become the most cost-effective computer products. Today, let’s take a look at our protagonist – Raytheon Black Warrior 4 generation E-sports host.

Appearance design of cyberpunk

As soon as you see the ID design of the fourth generation of Raytheon Black Warrior, you will see a cool, high-end atmosphere. The whole machine is made of silver and black. The front and top of the machine are painted with piano baking technology, while the side is equipped with a large area of silver panel to light up the main machine. The Mobius lamp ring lights up with the start of the machine, emitting a light blue light, A strong sense of technology.

In order to make Raytheon Black Warrior generation 4 more different from other hosts, Raytheon also provides the modular disassembly design of the front panel, and sets more customized panels for users to replace, so as to meet the personalized DIY needs of consumers. In addition, Raytheon has also set up a wireless charging module on the top of the host, which supports Qi general protocol. That is to say, devices such as mobile phones, headphones and watches that support wireless charging can be conveniently charged on the host. This design is very novel and practical.

Super hardware performance matching appearance

Raytheon Black Warrior generation 4 continues the pursuit of high performance of the whole machine in configuration. It uses the latest Intel 11th generation core i7-11700k super frequency processor, which adopts the latest cypresscove architecture, has 8 cores and 16 threads, and has a full core core core core frequency up to 5.0ghz. Thanks to the new architecture design, the i7-11700k processing performance has been improved, at the same time, the power consumption has also decreased to a certain extent. At the same time, the support for high-frequency memory and pci-e4.0 have been added, and the smooth operation ability has been further upgraded. No high-end 3A masterpiece is a problem.

In the aspect of graphics card, rtx3070, a very popular and tight supply graphics card, is used. Rtx3070 adopts a new generation of ampere architecture, and is equipped with new rtcore and tensorcore streaming multiprocessor as well as high-speed 8gdr6 video memory. The graphics card also supports NVIDIA’s latest dlss2.0 technology. It can be said that in games such as cyberpunk 2077, it can easily stabilize 60 frames with 2K resolution.

In order to cooperate with the high-frequency processor and graphics card to give full play to their performance, Raytheon has prepared a dual channel 32gddr43200mhz high-frequency high-capacity memory, which can cope with all the stand-alone big works on the market, and the high-capacity memory also effectively improves the production efficiency of professional workers. In addition, the host is also equipped with a high-speed solid-state and 2T mechanical hard disk with sequential reading up to 1800m / s. massive memory and storage make work and entertainment free.

High end water cooling is cooler, WiFi 6 download quickly

High performance host often faces the problem of large heat, so Raytheon also specially equipped this host with a high-end customized 240 water-cooled radiator, so that the heat can be quickly introduced into the radiator, and then quickly discharged through the double ball bearing fan. Water cooled head and Thor’s belief logo light add a touch of color to the whole host in the dark.

In terms of network, in addition to the conventional network cable access, Raytheon Black Warrior generation 4 also joined the latest wifi-6 protocol wireless network module. Let the network speed further upgrade, bid farewell to game delay, switch, stuck and other phenomena, together with the flagship configuration to create the most fluent environment for your computer.


Now, in the mining frenzy, the previous party members are in a complete rout. Instead of waiting for the price reduction and the official designated price, they are waiting for the crazy price increase and one card hard to get. When rtx3070 was on sale, a friend of Xiaobian saw that some premium graphics cards were determined to wait and never buy a premium card. However, he didn’t expect that the price had more than doubled. Now he is too late to regret. It’s hard to get a card. Ordinary people can’t buy a card. We’d better take a look at the mainframe like Raytheon Black Warrior 4 in another direction. The manufacturer has prepared everything for you. Such a super high configuration only costs 14999 yuan to buy it home. Open the packing box and play directly. If you see that it’s already very exciting, then hurry to poke the link below to buy it! Author: Ye Mi



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