All round leaders? The 11th generation of core tiger lake-h45 will be released soon

In 2021, the game book started a new round of upgrading. At the CES exhibition at the beginning of this year, Intel released the 11th generation core processor tigerlake-h35 series, and launched a new category – ultra portable game book; At the same time, it also predicts the upcoming tiger lake-h45, which is positioned as a high-performance game.

The core of tigerlake’s new product (up3up4h35h45) adopts willowcove micro architecture. Compared with Icelake’s sunny Cove micro architecture, it optimizes the cache structure. The L2 cache of each core is expanded from 512KB to 1.25mb, and the L3 cache of each core is expanded from 2MB to 3MB (and changed to non inclusive), which further improves IPC; More importantly, thanks to the 10nm superfin process technology, tigerlake completely gets rid of the frequency shortboard of the original 10nm product Icelake, and can achieve higher frequency limit and lower power consumption at the same frequency. In the end, tigerlake provides extremely strong single thread performance, and the energy consumption ratio of multithreading is also greatly improved.

The new willowcove core micro architecture brings high IPC + fully optimized 10nm superfin process technology, and provides 5GHz high frequency, which makes the single thread performance of tigerlake perfect. For example, in the specrete2017int test, the core i7-11375h, the flagship model of the tigerlake-h35 family, is not only better than the 15W core i7-1165g7, but also better than the core i9-10980hk, the flagship product of cometlake-h with higher power and frequency.

The ultra portable game book based on tigerlake-h35 processor opens up a new choice for the players who pursue both lightweight and performance. Of course, there are also enthusiasts who are not very sensitive to the size and weight of the game’s body, and they have almost the ultimate pursuit of hardware performance and game experience; For this part of users, Intel has prepared a processor product code named tiger lake-h45, and officially released relevant information during the ces2021 exhibition. The official once said that the high-performance game based on tiger lake-h45 has performance comparable to that of desktop, and will go on sale in the second quarter of 2021.

With the approach of official release, the relevant information and product parameters of tiger lake-h45 processor are gradually exposed. Next, the author will briefly analyze it.

In many application scenarios, more cores / threads are needed to speed up efficiency. However, the biggest shortcoming of tigerlake-h35 is that the number of cores is small. This regret will be perfectly solved in tigerlake-h45 products; According to Intel’s official information, tigerlake-h45 is not only based on the latest 10nm superfin process technology and willowcove kernel microarchitecture, but also can provide up to 8 cores and 16 threads of product specifications. Even core i5, which is facing the midrange market, starts with 6 cores and 12 threads, and the core / thread specifications are in line with desktop products, which can be described as sincere.

Tigerlake-h45 is equipped with willowcove micro architecture, which has been further improved in IPC, and is built based on 10nm superfin process to achieve high frequency. In terms of frequency performance, tigerlake-h45 goes further than tigerlake-h35. The official ppt clearly states that the highest frequency of tigerlake-h45 core can reach 5.0ghz, and more than one core can reach 5.0ghz.

According to the latest news, tigerlake-h45’s Core i7 and core i9 product lines support overclocking adjustment. The flagship model core i9-11980hk is fully unlocked, while core i9-11900h and core i7-11800h also give OEMs and users more space for later debugging. They can pull single core and full core up four times in XTU, You can also enjoy the power of 5GHz Rui frequency!

Based on the above information, we can boldly predict that, combined with the new architecture + high frequency + multi-core, the new tigerlake-h45 will achieve the perfect balance of single thread and multi thread performance. No matter facing its own previous generation products or competing products, it will not leave any regrets and shortcomings. The game and content creation and many benchmark scenarios will be satisfactory, In a real sense, the game has been comparable to the performance of the desktop!

However, considering that the game is a multi hardware integration, its comprehensive experience is not only determined by the processor’s kernel performance, but also by memory, hard disk, graphics card, network support, etc. In these aspects, the brand-new tigerlake-h45 will also do everything, such as Thunderbolt 4, which provides four ports (as a new industry standard led by Intel, thunderbolt 4 further improves the lower limit of transmission speed, has more powerful functions, and is perfectly compatible with USB4), memory controller supports ddr4-3200, and DMI bus is expanded to × 8, etc.

Considering that Intel is the participant and leader of wi-fi6 and wi-fi6e standards, the new tigerlake-h45 can be compatible with the latest ax210 and ax211 wireless network cards through the built-in cnvio module, so it has the ability to support wi-fi6wi-fi6e wireless network, so as to provide higher connection speed and stronger anti-interference ability, so that players can connect stably in the game The experience is smoother, and you can further get rid of the shackles of the network cable.

Independent graphics card (GPU) is an important factor affecting the game frame rate. NVIDIA released the rtx30 series notebook GPU based on the ampere architecture at ces2021 exhibition. The rtx30 series notebook GPU supports the latest pcie4.0 protocol, which successfully increases the communication bandwidth by 2 times, has better computing power, and improves the game performance under ultra-high image quality; Unfortunately, current high-performance processors do not support pcie4.0 × 16 (cometlake-h is pcie3.0) × 16. Renoir-h and cezanne-h have only pcie3.0 × 8) It can not completely release the full potential of rtx30 series notebook GPU. All these will be transformed with the release of tigerlake-h45. Tigerlake-h45 has 20 directly connected pcie4.0 channels, and 16 of the 20 pcie4.0 channels can perfectly support the GPU of rtx30 series notebook computers, giving full play to the performance of ampere architecture, and helping OEM manufacturers create the most powerful game based products! In addition, the other four pcie4.0 channels can be used to connect high-end nvme SSDs supporting pcie4.0 protocol, such as Samsung 980pro, western data sn850, etc., so that users can enjoy more than 5000MB / s full blood transmission performance, setting a new standard for the use experience of high-performance game books.

According to the industry news, Intel will release the tigerlake-h45 series products in mid May, and the majority of OEM manufacturers will follow suit to launch a new generation of high-performance game books based on the powerful tigerlake-h45 platform; At that time, pconline will make a more comprehensive analysis and detailed performance test of tigerlake-h45 in combination with the latest products. Please pay attention!

Author: Diamond Bay



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