“Spring Festival Gala” of intelligent technology circle! The 5th world intelligence conference is scheduled to be “520”

On April 28, the press conference of the 5th World intelligent conference was held in Beijing, officially announcing that the 5th World intelligent conference will be held in Tianjin from May 20 to 23, 2021. It is reported that this conference adopts the way of online and offline integration, with forward-looking publishing, rich exhibition and wonderful competition schedule.

It is understood that in terms of intelligent technology exhibition, the 5th World intelligent conference has set up six exhibition areas and three intelligent experience areas, covering intelligent products and technologies such as scientific research and application, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city and transportation, and intelligent life. It is worth mentioning that this intelligent technology exhibition specially adds a new exhibition area for information and innovation industry, and invites local leading enterprises such as Feiteng, Qilin, 360, etc. to give a panoramic view of the rich scenes of Tianjin information and innovation industry in building the whole industrial chain of chips, operating systems, servers, machine terminals, and security software, highlighting the “Tianjin sample” of the national information security strategy.

In addition, the conference also set up a smart consumer experience area, with a number of enterprises launching smart home and other consumer experience scenarios. For example, China Unicom will build a more futuristic 5g experience around 5g life experience, smart production scene, industry ecosystem, etc.

It is reported that the 5th World intelligent conference, as the first international important exhibition activity in the field of intelligent science and technology in China this year, is of great significance for Tianjin and even China to continue to maintain the leading edge in the field of intelligent science and technology and lead the high-quality development of economy and society.

Author: Li Fei & nbsp;


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