“Super renewal plan” is launched, Jingdong home appliance is one-stop renewal of your life

After 40 years of leapfrog development, China’s home appliance industry has a great variety of products, and people’s consumption concept has gradually changed from “cheap and durable” to “exquisite and easy-to-use”. The development of the whole industry has ushered in a new turning point of “new upgrade”. In this context, how can appliance manufacturers find a breakthrough in the battle of rejuvenation? At the 2021 Partner Conference held on April 28, JD home appliances gave its own answer.


Yao Yanzhong, senior vice president of Jingdong group and President of 3C household appliance group, hopes that partners will trust Jingdong more and find new growth for household appliance market together

In the past, the era when all products can be sold has passed, and the whole market is facing the pressure of seeking growth. Only by meeting the needs of consumers and focusing on exploring the potential consumption needs, can the home appliance market be upgraded and people’s quality life be improved. At the 2021 Jingdong appliance Partner Conference, Jingdong appliance released the “super renewal plan”, which provides comprehensive and systematic solutions from the three dimensions of user’s mind, hot money building and service upgrading, so as to jointly promote the upgrading of industrial structure and tap the new growth of stock market.


Xie fan, vice president of Jingdong group and President of home appliance business division, introduced “super Huanxin plan” to partners in detail

Focusing on the user side, consumers have a blind spot in the cognition of new products and new technologies, the traditional advertising marketing has failed, and there is a cognitive gap between new products and new demands“ The emergence of “super Huanxin plan” will reconstruct the mental path between products and users, build scene memory and guide Huanxin upgrade through long-term mental building of users; With super grass planting, create customized content to cover more consumer decision-making links of home appliance users; Adjust search and push logic, increase new product exposure, and open up a new marketing path. From the desire to buy to the awareness of consumers to comprehensively enhance the “new” awareness of home appliances.

To solve the problem of whether users want to change, the next is to let users buy what, what kind of products can bring consumers a sense of gain and satisfaction, the selection link is very important. Under the “super renewal plan”, Jingdong household appliances and brands jointly create the “ten million plan”. In the whole year, there will be 100 heavyweight super single products, 1000 new trend products and 10000 new strange products launched in Jingdong household appliances. Then through the seven nodes of super data, super selection, super grass planting official, trump press conference, Omni channel pre-sale plan, “little Rubik’s Cube” trump super new product day and “Super 5” long-term new product position, we will create a new full link solution to comprehensively improve the success rate of “new instant explosive products” for the brand.

Finally, services are connected between products and users. Consumers often judge whether the consumption experience is in place and whether it is worth continuing to invest through the service communication of pre-sale, in sale and after-sale. So good service can bring good experience, and good experience will promote new consumption. As early as 2013, JD home appliances launched the “3030180” service of 30 day price guarantee, 30 day quality problem return and 180 day quality problem exchange, realizing the two-way subversion of consumer experience and home appliance industry. This time, in order to make it easier for consumers to refresh their lives, JD appliances further upgraded its replacement process and perception, striving to upgrade the four steps of delivery, installation, dismantling and recycling to a “four in one” door-to-door service. Meanwhile, it enhanced the perception of marking and search at the front desk, with the ultimate goal of creating a truly convenient and integrated “worry free replacement” service, Let consumers really realize worry free replacement.


Jingdong home appliances presents honorary trophies to many excellent partners

At the conference, JD home appliances presented “2020 pilot club”, “2020 super club”, “2020 structure upgrade Award”, “2020 best user experience Award”, “2020 best marketing operation Award”, “2020 Supply Chain Efficiency Award”, “2020 best ecological partner”, “2020 best user experience Award”, “2020 best marketing operation Award”, “2020 Supply Chain Efficiency Award” and “2020 best ecological partner” Nine awards, including “gold medal stores in 2020” and “top 10 exclusive stores in 2020”, have presented honorary trophies to nearly 100 brands, including Midea, Haier, Gree, Xiaomi, TCL, Hisense Rongsheng, aux, Philips, etc.

So far, from users, products to services, JD home appliances has built a virtuous circle of platform ecological sustainable development. In the future, in the operation end, JD home appliances will comprehensively enhance the basic capacity of the platform, create a more open shop ecology, realize a more friendly, more open and more ecological platform business growth system, further broaden new channels for sales growth, and help more brands achieve new growth in the stock market through the two wheel drive of self business and platform business.



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