Edge this hidden function is awesome! Let edge browser open in seconds

[pconline tips] recently, Microsoft launched a new version of edge browser for all win10 users, and “vertical tab bar” naturally becomes the most eye-catching point. In fact, in addition to this change, the “startup enhancement” in the “Settings” → “system” tab is also eye-catching. And its function is to let edge realize “second on”!

Opening method:

1. Start edge browser and click “…” in the upper right corner Enter the setting panel;

2. Click the “system” tab on the left, and a new switch named “start enhancement” will appear in the right pane;

3. Click “start enhancement” so that we can start the function;

The effect after starting is very obvious. Whether it is a hot start or a cold start after the first start, the starting speed of edge can be described as “seconds on”. This and the old version often 1 ~ 2 seconds start time, completely different. According to Microsoft’s official statistics, the new features can make the startup speed of edge up to 41%, which is quite eye-catching!

In fact, the principle of this function is very simple, that is, the browser automatically keeps a group of low priority processes in the background (even if the browser is closed). When the user starts the browser, it means that some processes have been started in advance. Similar functions have appeared in other browsers before. However, due to the positioning of edge itself, it performs better when cooperating with win10. In particular, the cold start speed is not comparable to the third-party browser. In addition, the energy consumption control of this function is also great, and it will not drag down the performance of the system!

Write at the end

To improve the startup speed, the price behind it is to consume a certain amount of system memory (of course, this amount is also very small). Therefore, for users who often use browsers, it is cost-effective to open this option. Of course, in addition to this function, the new version of edge has also brought some other small changes, such as the side search bar, tab dormancy, etc. interested partners may as well move to “2021 first watch! Edge browser’s new features

Author: Xuan dad in kindergarten


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