Tree Planting Day: why tree planting is a civic duty

March 12 is the annual tree planting day. According to the definition of duration, it can be divided into planting day, planting week or planting month. This activity can improve people’s awareness of environmental protection and their cognition of forest, effectively regulate the climate and improve the environment.


What is the origin of Arbor Day?

1、 In spring, everything recovers and the suitable growth time of seedlings is considered;

2、 Since modern times, many foreign regions have suffered from desertification, rare trees, dry land, and sandstorm. Environmental experts and guardians from all over the world join hands to call for afforestation.

So under the new situation, how do citizens fulfill the obligation of planting trees and fulfill their duties?

Abide by the provisions: in areas where conditions are met and local conditions are adjusted, if citizens are over 11 years old, each person is obliged to plant 3 to 5 trees a year, or complete the seedling raising, management and protection and other greening tasks with corresponding amount of labor.

We should pay full attention to the ecological value of forest: absorb harmful gases and release oxygen; prevent wind and sand, block natural disasters, such as debris flow and landslide; conserve water resources and provide breeding places for birds.

The earth is the home for human survival. Today, we plant a sapling to show our responsibility and responsibility, and at the same time harvest the fruits of labor. 【TOM】



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