Blood hand ghost real wireless noise reduction headset M90 evaluation

Since the German headphone manufacturers launched the first real wireless headset (TWS) in 2014, the history of wireless headphones has been seven years. During this period, with the gradual expansion of the smartphone market, the market of real wireless headphones is also growing. However, the homogenization is becoming more and more serious. In addition to some differences in appearance, there is not much difference in core technology, and the actual feelings of users are also roughly the same.

Many earphones with brand effect and the most basic components can be sold for thousands of yuan, which is a big loss for users. In order to get the market out of this dilemma, the well-known peripherals manufacturer, blood hand ghost, has brought the “m” series true wireless Bluetooth headset. Today we come to our evaluation room with its highest specification model, M90. What’s its performance? What are the highlights that can be distinguished from the same headphones on the market? Follow the article to explore.

Appearance: the fanatical youth under the appearance of “gentleman in suit”

Let’s take a look at the design of M90’s charging box. It is made of plastic material. It is small in size and light in weight. The earphone plus charging box is only 50g in weight. There is no burden to put it in your pocket when you go out for sports and commuting. Instead of using the smooth surface design commonly used in the market, we choose the micro abrasive material with better anti fingerprint and anti stain effect, which has a fine and smooth touch, a matte effect under the light, and a full sense of quality.

The earphone box adopts the color matching design of black and red, highlighting its competitive gene attribute. On the black box, a red line with metal texture crosses. Calm appearance revealed a trace of blood and fashion, with a very eye-catching.

The earphone box has good opening and closing damping and large opening and closing angle, which is convenient for users to take out the earphone easily. There are 4 LED indicator lights on the front, which is convenient for users to view the real-time status. Green light is used, and the recognition effect is good.

Take out the earphone, the earphone body is very light, only 4.5g, the surface uses the same matte material as the charging box, very wear-resistant and fashionable. The length of the catheter is moderate, and there are 3 pairs of earplugs made of skin friendly silica gel. It is very comfortable to wear and will not feel uncomfortable for a long time. The metal charging contact at the bottom of the earphone body has a hidden design, which can prevent moisture and dust, and effectively protect the service life.

The excellent workmanship design also enables the M90 to support IPx4 level waterproof performance. There is no need to worry about daily rain and sweat immersion. Just wipe it dry before putting it into the charging box.

Sound quality & amp; Noise reduction: excellent noise reduction effect, special diaphragm brings flexible hearing

It is true that there are subtle differences in everyone’s preferences and pursuits for music, as well as the structure and hearing sensitivity of their ears. The sound quality is different for everyone. But after listening to many wireless headphones, M90 still surprised me. But before talking about sound quality, I’d like to praise its ANC active noise reduction technology. Because no matter how good music is, it needs a quiet environment to listen to.

The noise reduction technology of M90 adopts the design of broadband noise reduction, which can reduce the noise of the whole frequency band from 50 Hz to 25 kHz by about – 25 dB, and the deepest part can be as high as – 35 dB. So whether it’s the low-frequency roar of commuter subway and bus engine, or the medium frequency voice of office, or the harsh high-frequency music on the street, M90 can easily erase these noises. At the same time, the advantage of broadband technology is that users don’t need to switch to a specific frequency band, so it’s easier to wear.

With a quiet listening environment, you can enjoy the sound quality. Like M70 and M30 of the same series, M90 adopts a 10 mm dynamic drive unit, and is equipped with a carbon fiber mycelium membrane imported from Japan. The vibration membrane is composed of two parts. The upper layer is made of advanced biological mycelium technology, carbon fiber and special pulp. It has both the fineness and rigidity of paper, and is specially responsible for medium / high frequency to show a pleasant high-definition range. The lower skin is made of PEEK high stability material, which deduces a thick low-frequency range. The combination of the above two kinds of membrane forms a carbon fiber mycelium vibration membrane, which makes the sound range twice wide, makes the low frequency thick, the medium frequency delicate, the high frequency clear, the three frequencies harmonious, and the timbre twice beautiful. It overcomes the contradiction that the high / low frequency range of the traditional single membrane is difficult to reconcile!

In real sense of hearing, the performance of M90 is just like the description of words. If I use one word to describe it, it is “smart”. After listening to the traditional plastic diaphragm earphone, you can clearly feel the music beating when you listen to this biological diaphragm. The three frequency performance is very balanced and excellent, and you won’t feel confused in the complex music scene. The sound of each frequency can be displayed in a balanced way. In the classic music mad, M90 can easily express the drum (low frequency) and human voice (middle tone). In the performance of high pitch, M90 is somewhat conservative, which may be due to the volume protection of in ear earphones. It does not show the tension of high tone, but it does not affect the overall harmony.

Connectivity & amp; Characteristic function

M90 adopts Bluetooth 5.1 connection technology, and the transmission effect and quality are guaranteed. After measurement, in the case of complex signals in the office, music can still be received at a distance of about 10 meters, and there is no obvious quality reduction. At the same time, M90 also uses Bluetooth low delay dual transmission with a new architecture algorithm, which is applied to the real wireless active noise reduction headset for the first time. When the active noise reduction function is turned on, the delay is up to 60ms, greatly reducing the sound delay.

In addition to ANC active noise reduction technology, M90 is also equipped with enc dual microphone noise reduction technology. By using dual microphone beamforming technology and adding enc noise reduction algorithm, it can effectively reduce the environmental noise during calls. Even in the noisy environment of streets and subways, it can also ensure high-definition speech recognition and call quality.

In terms of battery life, the headset body has 40 MAH battery capacity, which can provide up to 4 hours of battery life at a time. It can be used continuously for 24 hours with the charging box, which fully meets the daily use time.

Conclusion: as a true wireless headset with electronic competition gene, blood hand ghost M90 innovatively uses carbon fiber mycelium sound film, which is different from the traditional plastic or metal vibration film on the market. It has certain advantages and characteristics in music presentation, and the three frequency performance is balanced. The excellent ANC noise reduction technology combined with the double wheat enc noise reduction technology enables the M90 to restore the appearance of the music itself in a noisy environment. At the same time, the excellent low delay response technology also makes the game applicability of this headset full, which is a good product for the current hot real-time game. At the price of less than 500 yuan, the M90 product is very powerful. If you are in front of the screen and plan to replace the headphones in the near future, this product is worth your attention and understanding.



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