Taking the opportunity of the third developer competition, UFIDA once again joined hands with Huawei cloud to boost the SaaS industry blowout

“The developer competition is a major event held by UFIDA every year.” Since the first developer competition was held in 2019, Fu Yi, vice president of UFIDA network and general manager of cloud marketing division, has never changed his goal in the past three years“ The original intention of the competition is to help more developers, reduce development costs and make more SaaS achievements emerge. “

From April 24 to 26, Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC. Cloud) was held in Shenzhen University Town. As a strategic partner of Huawei cloud, UFIDA was invited to hold a branch venue and launched the third “UFIDA · Huawei cloud Cup” developer competition.

From the first UFIDA held alone to the second and third sessions of the competition jointly held with Huawei cloud, the developer competition has improved step by step in the past three years, both in terms of professionalism and influence, which also makes Huawei cloud an important participant in UFIDA cloud ecological construction and jointly promote the development of China’s SaaS industry.

The third developer competition

In this year’s developer competition, UFIDA has set up four tracks, which are respectively for large enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, small and micro enterprises, colleges and individuals. Compared with the two tracks of enterprises, colleges and individuals in the second developer competition, the increase of tracks is the most intuitive change of this year’s developer competition. The further subdivision of the track mainly comes from the needs of enterprises.

Indeed, even for the same application requirements, different enterprise sizes also require the application to have different capabilities, such as stability and security in the face of high concurrency. The back support after the increase of the track is one of the improvements of this competition.

“UFIDA’s strategy this year is to require the whole group to use our platform in a unified way, so different business departments will promote their own responsible track, so the developer competition will form the group’s joint force.” Fu Yi said. Previously, UFIDA cloud services and mid tier developers are the main force of the competition.

Although the bonus pool has also increased from 1 million last year to 1.5 million, the competitors are more concerned about the more application cashing opportunities provided by UFIDA and Huawei cloud“ Whether it’s ISV or developer, UFIDA hopes to have 500 teams participate this year and produce 50-60 achievements. Last year, the developer competition achieved 30 results.

The further improvement of technology, tools and services provides a guarantee for this developer competition. For example, in order to ensure the promotion of the competition schedule and the development of cloud ecology, UFIDA has set up an ecological development technology department with dozens of people this year. Zhang Xuedong, general manager of UFIDA ecological development technology department, said: “the ecological development technology department is a bridge to build ecological products with partners and serve customers well; Internally, empower the platform capabilities to the partners’ developers. “

Facing the practical application of enterprises and aiming at realization

It has to be said that in the era of digital intelligence and cloud services, ecological construction has already become the strategic focus of platform providers and ecological owners. As the innovation source of digital economy, developers are favored. As a result, various kinds of developer competitions emerge one after another.

In the face of emerging developer competitions, UFIDA believes that the developer competition launched by UFIDA and Huawei cloud has distinctive characteristics: we are a real enterprise cloud service ecological manufacturer.

Indeed, from computerization software, to ERP management software, to today’s enterprise cloud services, UFIDA’s track is still enterprise services for more than 30 years, which makes it have in-depth enterprise practical application and scene accumulation“ So whether it’s the infrastructure or proposition design of the competition, it’s really close to the real needs of the enterprise, and it’s easy to help customers realize. “

This is also the reason why Huawei cloud chose to hold the developer competition with UFIDA. Cai Jinrong, senior architect of Huawei cloud database, said: “Huawei focuses on infrastructure construction, and UFIDA understands customers’ business scenarios. Through such cooperation, we can help developers to enable technology, help developers to cooperate with UFIDA and Huawei cloud in an all-round and in-depth way, and make the results come true quickly. “

As we all know, Huawei cloud is good at IAAs, and UFIDA’s advantages lie in PAAS and SaaS. Such natural complementarity is the foundation of cloud service implementation. Therefore, the combination of the two sides is not simply the naming or product adaptation, but the deep integration and innovation of products and technologies.

Li Huiping, director of UFIDA BiP product management department, said: “ISV and developers participate in UFIDA’s ecology, not only because UFIDA has customers and channels to allow them to distribute transactions, but also because UFIDA has a complete platform system to enable ISV. So I think UFIDA can continue to grow the ecology. “

Promotion plan, all round empowerment of contestants

Just like this, on the basis of the original open IAAs resources, development environment, Huawei cloud EI and Kunpeng cloud services, Huawei cloud has introduced image recognition, character recognition, OCR and other capabilities in this developer conference; UFIDA uses the “promotion plan” to empower the participants from the development platform, product distribution, investment and financing, ISV certification and other dimensions.

Specifically, the “ascension plan” is UFIDA’s latest accelerated development plan for ISV partners, and “6 + 4” is its key word, that is, whether SaaS manufacturers, ISVs or developers can use yonbuilder’s low code development platform to realize native development of independent applications, native development of extended applications, deep integration of mature applications, mobile light application development and access Industry inside application and apilink service, etc; Value added and extended application development based on yonsuite core services; Mobile application development based on Friend Space; Or rely on yonlinker integration platform to deeply integrate with UFIDA’s core services.

Thus, UFIDA and its partners form a “four in one” UFIDA + ISV integrated ecosystem of yonbuilder + ISV development, yonsuite + ISV ecology, yonstore + online and offline marketing.

Among them, yonbuilder low code development platform is undoubtedly the core of UFIDA + ISV integrated ecology, and it will also provide one-stop support for competitors in development and construction, open connection, release, operation and maintenance, and online operation.

Qili technology, the champion of the second developer competition, is based on the original development of yonbuilder and deeply integrated with yonsuite’s procurement and supply, production and manufacturing, sales service and asset equipment, becoming a part of UFIDA’s BiP platform infrastructure. At present, the system has been adopted by many customers.

Up to now, UFIDA cloud ecology has attracted more than 8200 partners to enter the cloud market, more than 12000 services to go online in the cloud market, and produced 84 integrated products, 12 core OEM products and 9 preferred products based on yonbip native development“ We hope to continue to join hands with Huawei cloud to continue to expand the influence of UFIDA ecology and promote the better development of the whole UFIDA ecology and SaaS industry through the form of developer competition. ” Fu Yi said.

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