Just 1339 Canon g3821 wireless inkjet printer

Leading the new semester, happy to learn partner! Canon printer recently opened the special opening season of special activities, a lot of high-quality and cheap models to participate in, the price is quite attractive, interested users can go to Canon official mall to have a look. Here, we especially recommend a super easy-to-use Canon inking high-capacity all-in-one wireless model – g3821, which has rich and practical functional design, supports cloud printing, and is very resistant to beating, especially suitable for children to learn to use. What’s more attractive is that the current special price of this printer is only 1339 yuan, which is very close to the people for our working families in China.

只要1339 佳能G3821无线喷墨打印机开学季特惠

Today’s era is an era of wireless Internet. Canon g3821 does a good job in supporting wireless printing. At present, “Canon cloud printing” wechat app has been officially launched. Users can directly connect to the printer without downloading app from mobile phone. It is not limited by space and can print in different places. Even if the parents are not at home, they can print their homework directly through Canon cloud printing wechat app, which will not delay the children’s homework.

只要1339 佳能G3821无线喷墨打印机开学季特惠

Most people pay attention to budget when they live at home, so when they buy Printers, they mostly consider the durability of printers. In this respect, Canon g3821 is also excellent. In economy mode, black and white can print 7600 pages, and color can print 7700 pages. At the same time, the printing speed of this wireless ink-jet printer is not bad, A4 black-and-white printing speed can reach 9.1ipm, A4 color printing also has 5.0ipm, which achieves the combination of fast, efficient and low-cost operation, and can save money for family users.

In addition to helping children learn, people can also make full use of its photo printing function after purchasing Canon g3821, so as to record a better life. Even if people are in other places, they can share it with their families in other places at any time through “Canon cloud printing”. This printer can print a wide range of sizes, up to 1200mm × 216mm. It can print out the beautiful moments of life and decorate the room. I believe your home will be more warm.

只要1339 佳能G3821无线喷墨打印机开学季特惠

In order to better integrate into thousands of households, Canon g3821 also pays attention to the appearance and color matching. It uses a distinctive navy blue color, compared with the black and white color of traditional printers, more life color.

Well, overall, Canon g3821 is economical and practical, which is very suitable for families to choose. At present, 1339 yuan can be owned, very cost-effective!

Author: Zhang Fan



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