Show the advantage of Omni channel, Jingdong home appliance Co., Ltd

2021 will be the “year of product reengineering” for home appliance industry. After years of development, people’s demand for a better life has become increasingly strong. Consumers who have solved the “yes” and “no” problem quickly shift their consumption demand to “better” and “better” – that is, the added value of new technology, new form and new category of household appliances for life. Facing the unsustainable stock competition of traditional products, how to adapt to the new environment, new changes and new requirements and find a new space for household appliances consumption has become a common concern of the industry.

Recently, the 2021 Jingdong home appliance Partner Conference was held in Beijing. Nearly 1000 home appliance enterprise leaders from all over the country attended the conference to discuss the future development opportunities of the industry with Jingdong home appliance. It was pointed out at the meeting that with the steady increase of China’s per capita disposable income and the continuous upgrading of consumption concept, China’s household appliances have gradually completed the process from scratch and from existence to excellence. The mature category of home appliance market has also entered the peak of upgrading, so it is imperative to upgrade the structure.



Yao Yanzhong, senior vice president of Jingdong group and President of 3C household appliance group, hopes that partners will trust Jingdong more and find new growth for household appliance market together

“Super Huanxin plan” is launched to create a new marketing link for home appliances

To this end, Jingdong home appliances took the lead in releasing the “super renewal plan” to build brand centripetal force from the three dimensions of user’s mind, hot money building and service upgrading. In the aspect of user’s mental construction, JD home appliances builds scene memory, creates customized content, increases the exposure of new products, opens up new marketing paths, and promotes the sales transformation of home appliances consumption from cognition to purchase.



Xie fan, vice president of Jingdong group and President of home appliance business division, introduced “super Huanxin plan” to partners in detail

In the aspect of creating popular products, JD household appliances and brands jointly create the “ten million plan”. In the whole year, 100 heavyweight super single products, 1000 new trend products and 10000 new strange products will be launched in JD household appliances. Then, through the business strategies of creating “Super 5” new product IP, trump super product day and Jingpin household appliances Shuangbai plan, we mainly promote heavy new products, create new full link solutions, and improve the success rate of “new instant products”.

In the aspect of service upgrading, JD home appliances has launched the “worry free replacement” upgrading service, which upgrades the replacement process and perception, upgrading the four actions of delivery, installation, dismantling and recycling to four in one door-to-door service, and enhancing the perception of marking and searching at the front desk“ The “worry free exchange” service is an overall package upgrade of the existing advantageous services of JD household appliances. The goal is to create a convenient “worry free exchange” service integrating “delivery, loading, disassembly and collection” on the basis of the original service, so that consumers can truly realize the worry free exchange.

It can be seen that the construction of promoting the new upgrading of the industry has never been the benefit of one party alone, but the shared Carnival of the brand side, consumers and retail platform. Consumers can buy their favorite products at the right price, brands sell more products, and the platform serves more users. Only by establishing a good energy cycle and relationship orientation among the three can the home appliance market be driven to establish a new industrial pattern.

Accelerate the omni channel ecological layout to promote the overall efficiency of the industry

After years of innovation and development, the deep cultivation of JD household appliances in Omni channel is more than that. In addition to improving the solution of online full link, JD household appliances pays more attention to Omni channel online and offline undifferentiated shopping experience and product experience. In order to maximize the relationship between people and freight yard, JD appliances will take the supply chain as the core, and realize multi terminal and multi scene links through digital tools. In the development planning of all channel key business of Jingdong appliance stores, Jingdong appliance will focus on increasing the number of new stores. In 2021, it plans to increase the total number of stores to 20000. At the same time, by increasing the business area of single store, improving the efficiency of stores and other means, it will achieve network expansion and efficiency, store digitization and retail transformation.

At the conference, Chen Wujun, vice president of Jingdong five star electric, also released the omni channel strategic plan of Jingdong five star electric. He said that Jingdong five-star electric will continue to expand its Omni channel ecology. By 2025, it will open 20 super experience stores of Jingdong electric in the first tier cities; In cities above prefecture level, 300 flagship stores of Jingdong electric appliance will be set up in the mode of “one city, one store”; Set up 5000 wanzhentong Township stores.

In addition, Jingdong appliance will comprehensively enhance the basic capacity of the platform, create a more open shop ecology, and realize a more friendly, open, and ecological platform business growth system through the two wheel drive of its own business and platform business. Comprehensively promote the integration of home appliance retail industry from low efficiency to high efficiency.

From the continuous upgrading and improvement of “super Huanxin plan” to the integrated development of online and offline Omni channel ecology, Jingdong has taken an important step in the restructuring of household appliance industry. Just as Yao Yanzhong, senior vice president of Jingdong group and President of 3C appliance group, said in the 2021 Jingdong appliance Partner Conference, “in the future, believe in Jingdong, we can do better!”



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