Mining new demand is the fundamental to promote the structural upgrading of household appliances industry in the stock market

The household appliance industry, which is suffering from the enemy, can no longer follow the production capacity and price strategy of the past. It must focus on the user demand and product value, so as to make the supply and demand matching of people and goods yard more accurate, so as to completely activate the new demand of stock users.

This point reached a consensus at the 2021 Jingdong appliance partner conference recently. As a landing measure to jointly promote the structural upgrading of the industry, the “super renewal plan” around the three levels of users, products and services has become an important starting point to help brands activate the stock market and realize the upgrading of the whole link from production to marketing. The implementation of Omni channel strategy has become a powerful guarantee to break the balance of stock game, completely release new demand and promote double cycle.

In winter, we need to improve the accuracy of supply and demand

Although China’s home appliance industry has just experienced a long-time general rise in the past quarter, the report card that slightly increased year-on-year and even slightly decreased year-on-year still makes many home appliance people lack a sense of security and confidence in the future. This kind of worry is understandable in the household appliance industry, which has entered the deep-water area of stock game. After all, the market size of the industry as a whole fell by 9.8% last year due to factors such as macroeconomic growth and slowing consumer spending.

However, there is no need to look at the prospect of China’s household appliance industry. After all, with the release of some good news, the atmosphere of breaking the current predicament has been achieved.

Favorable policies will continue to ferment in early 2021. The Ministry of Commerce and other 12 departments issued the notice on measures to boost bulk consumption and key consumption, and promote the release of rural consumption potential, pointing out that regions with conditions are encouraged to give subsidies to eliminate old household appliances and furniture and purchase green intelligent household appliances and environment-friendly furniture. In 2021, the government work report pointed out that to “steadily increase the bulk consumption of automobiles and home appliances”, the national policies are beneficial to the home appliance industry in many ways.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the home appliance industry will carry out digital transformation and industrial structure optimization around the elimination of old and green smart home appliances. This is highly consistent with the “double cycle” new development pattern being constructed by the state and the major policy of deepening supply side reform.

More positive landing power comes from the active efforts of retail channel business.

Recently, the 2021 Jingdong home appliance Partner Conference, which aims to “encourage the home appliance industry to work together, face challenges and seek common development”, has opened an industry discussion on “finding new increments for the home appliance market together” focusing on how to activate stock consumption, release new demand, and optimize the supply and marketing links of the home appliance industry chain.

In view of the fact that the current home appliance industry is in the critical period of the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy, the “super renewal plan” launched by Jingdong home appliance Co., Ltd. cooperates with all partners to promote the structural upgrading of the home appliance industry in an all-round way in line with the Omni channel ecological construction and platform efficiency improvement. At the same time, comprehensively deepen the omni channel strategy, take the supply chain as the core, realize multi terminal and multi scene links through digital tools, so as to ensure more accurate and efficient supply and demand matching.

Capture incremental opportunities around demand

With the completion of popularization work, consumers put forward more demands for home appliances. The last century’s enthusiasm for functional satisfaction is gone forever. In other words, in the era of increment, as long as the household appliance brand enterprises provide enough products and the price is favorable enough, there must be a market. But now this kind of flooding production mode has failed: the homogeneous and low-cost products produced in batches are hard to move the users who pursue personalization and diversification in the era of stock.

Behind the sluggish consumption, there is a logic that the market needs fresh and unique products that can meet many different use scenarios. Therefore, if we want to impress stock users and stimulate them to pay for the quality products they like, we must focus on this core pain point.

How can we capture this demand, we must stick to the user’s preferences. In terms of mining user demand, Jingdong appliance has a say. Since the creation of home appliance online shopping, more referential indicators such as online shopping user reviews and sales visualization have been deeply studied by Jingdong, and corresponding solutions have been formulated. For manufacturing enterprises, through Jingdong, we can know what functions are popular with users, and what improvements are needed for products on sale; For users, they can also know what appliances sell best and which functions are most suitable for them through JD. Thus, the trial and error cost of enterprise production and user choice is reduced, and the high matching between production and demand is realized.

For example, as early as 2018, the “Jingpin household appliances” developed by the joint brand of Jingdong household appliances in response to the differentiated demand was praised by the market for its fine and specialized segmentation function, no over configuration, excellent price and high quality; Last year, the sales of household appliances with health and sterilization functions in Jingdong soared, which was also widely recognized by users and the market based on the accurate grasp of consumer demand.

Focusing on “demand” to carry out targeted production and sales, this ability is particularly important in the process of moving the stock game balance and prying the stock market into an incremental market.

In terms of capturing users’ needs and pain points, Jingdong has long been familiar with and easy to control through several rounds of practice, and the household appliance brand manufacturers that participate in it have also benefited a lot from repeated trials.

This year’s “super Huanxin plan” is the most important starting point for JD home appliances to boost the brand, activate the stock market, realize the upgrading of the whole link from production to sales, and promote the continuous upgrading of the industry. At the same time, it is also another accurate attack against the challenges of the stock market and the pain points of consumption.

Push for new optimization and structural upgrading

Most of the time, consumers have a natural inertia to choose products. Especially for the saturated stock market, whether there is or not is no longer a fetter. Most of the time, they do not lack the motivation to buy, but lack the patience to compare and choose products; It’s not a lack of new capital, but a lack of time to think about it.

Therefore, the “super Huanxin plan” launched by JD home appliances this year covers three aspects of users, products and services, and creates an integrated whole life-cycle marketing operation solution for new products from selection to cultivation from five aspects of product selection, mind, grass planting, launch and marketing. At the same time, the convenient “worry free exchange” service of “delivery, loading, disassembly and collection” integrated on the basis of the original service can completely solve the worries of stock users.

New technology and new products will be presented, users no longer need to pay attention to choose; List out the new products, users no longer need to worry about the function, easy to order on demand; The new service will be publicized to the public, users do not have to worry about delivery and replacement. It can be said that this Huanxin plan is a plan made by Jingdong united enterprise with high standards of “quality manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing” for stock users. It is a natural carrier to release the brand value of quality household appliances and activate stock consumption.

In addition, in view of the lack of online experience, lack of offline customers and other defects, the omni channel strategy proposed by JD home appliances provides a more accurate and efficient solution to eliminate the situation of online and offline separation and seek the development of dual line integration.

In general, thanks to digital intelligent supply, intelligent operation of warehouse distribution and accurate matching of people and goods yard, a more accurate, efficient and humanized supply chain has been formed, and a more friendly, more open and more ecological platform business growth system has been built through the two wheel drive of self operated business and platform business.

All these are the confidence of Jingdong appliance in finding incremental opportunities when facing the huge challenges of thousands of manufacturers and stock market.

In fact, relying on the strategic implementation of Omni channel layout and the in-depth construction of digital supply chain for many years, the advantages of both sides gradually blend and play a synergistic effect, which is the foundation for JD home appliances to cooperate with brand manufacturers to build a market, and also the foundation for JD home appliances to grow to the stock market, and promote the home appliance industry to move forward to high quality and high value, What’s more, it is the guarantee for Jingdong household appliances to actively promote the continuous optimization and upgrading of the household appliance industry and reach a new high.



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